Celebs Who Love Weed...and Aren’t Hiding It!

It’s not a coincidence that the Hollywood Sign was once changed to the Hollyweed Sign.

Celebrities are no stranger to the wonderful green plant called cannabis. You probably know that Seth Rogan partakes in the ganja. You’ve seen Snoop Dogg openly toke for years. You remember when Bob Marley was arrested for possession of marijuana. But there are tons of celebs we bet you didn’t know smoked weed. Here are just a few…

Jennifer Aniston

She might have been a daddy’s girl on Friends, but she has an edge in real life. In an interview with Rolling Stone in 2001, when asked about smoking weed, Aniston said, “I mean, I enjoy it once in a while. There’s nothing wrong with that. Everything in moderation.” We agree! #TeamJen

Morgan Freeman

As an advocate for marijuana legalization for many years, Freeman has made his mark in the cannabis community. In a 2003 interview with The Advocate, Freeman said, “Never give up the ganja.” Weed is more than recreational for Freeman though. When talking with The Daily Beast in 2017, he explained, “I have fibromyalgia pain in this arm,” then added, “the only thing that offers any relief is marijuana.”

Anne Hathaway

Hathaway doesn’t necessarily look like a stoner (whatever that means), but apparently, she totally is. When Hathaway appeared on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen in 2017, Cohen asked on a scale of one to ten, how big of a stoner she was, to which Hathaway responded, “I’m not a little one.” Because of the undeserved stigma however, she added, “Here’s the thing though. I’m a parent and I don’t feel like being arrested, so I’m gonna say zero. I guess I should have just pleaded the fifth on that one.” Now we love you even more, Anne.

Charlize Theron

This Oscar winning actress loved weed! When talking with E! News, she revealed, “I was a wake-and-baker for most of my life. I really appreciate marijuana way more than alcohol or anything else.” That being said, Charlize doesn’t partake anymore. She explained, “My chemistry was really good with it when I was younger, and then it just changed one day. Like, in my early 30s I just became boring on it and I would just stand in front of my fridge, so that’s no good.”

Justin Timberlake

Timberlake is bringing sexy back, with his love of weed. “The only thing pot does for me is it gets me to stop thinking,” Timberlake told Playboy. He elaborated, “Sometimes I have a brain that needs to be turned off. Some people are just better high.” If you say so, JT.

So if you toke, you’re in good company. Stay green friends, our fav celebs certainly are.

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