Below Deck: Sailing Yacht S1 E15 Recap & After Show: You Snooze. You Drown.

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Below Deck is  HUGE FRANCHISE! So we gotta cover ALL OF IT! Join us for the AFTERBUZZ TV Below Deck After Show where we break down every episode of Below Deck! From Mediterranean to Yacht Sailing and more! Join us for weekly discussions, tea, and news! Subscribe and comment!

Episode Recap

Jenna and Adam try to move forward in their strained relationship; when Jenna joins Adam for a nap on her break, Madison and Ciara pick up the slack in service and things look bad for her and Captain Glenn is not pleasedand Glenn Chris gets injured handling a heavy water toy and he tries to power through. The guests on board are an absolute pleasure.
Be sure to check out the After Show hosted by: Amir Yassai, Nate Harris, and Alikah Ffriend!

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