Bachelor’s Melissa Rycroft CRINGING at Netflix Season Drop!

Melissa Rycroft is a beloved reality TV staple, having shown up on everything from Dancing With The Stars to Melissa & Tye. But one area of Melissa reality TV history she’d rather forget is her breakthrough: Bachelor Season 13.

Now that Jason Mesnick’s season of the Bachelor has dropped on Netflix, fans are living in the nostalgia of his journey with Melissa.

Shockingly, that season is now a DECADE old, but as audience Netflix and chill with their favorite reality show, all of the old suitors and stories are buzzing again, much to season winner Melissa’s dismay. Yep, you heard us, right, Melissa is not happy to at all of Bachelor Nation is throwing her back under the microscope again.

To remind you, Melissa did in fact WIN Jason season, said yes to his proposal, only to be dumped LIVE on air for the runner up, Molly Maleny.

“Oh my God, I’m so embarrassed that my 25-year-old self is documented on TV,” Rycroft told Us Weekly. “I didn’t watch it the first time around. And now it’s been what, 11 years? I don’t really need to go back because it’s so far away.”

Among other things, Rycroft is cringing at her fashion and contouring, making sure to let us know that she’s up-ed her appearance game since her run on the show.

A notorious family gal, Rycroft added, “you know what’s funny is my daughter, she’s eight, so she kind of knows a lot of the stuff that I’ve done. [But] she has no clue about The Bachelor, and I’m terrified of the day that she’s going to find out. I just need it to be off Netflix by then. So then she has no access to it, and she can’t see it. … I do not want my daughter to have access to me in a hot tub with anybody. Especially anybody that’s not her daddy.”

Have you been watching the new season, and do you feel that Melissa should be as “cringed out” as she is? Let us know in the comments.

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