Amin El Gamal: Prison Break, LGBTQ Muslims, and Judy Garland | AfterBuzz TV’s LGBTQ&A

Amin El Gamal talks about working with so many out gay actors on Prison Break, emailing Aaron Sorkin while working on The Newsroom, and why he doesn’t want to play any more terrorists in TV or film. He also talks about running a support group for LGBTQ Muslims, how homophobic interpretations of the Quran began, and why he fell in love with Judy Garland as a kid.


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Amin El Gamal was born during an earthquake in Palo Alto, California. Amin’s parents are both Egyptian immigrants – his mother came to the United States with her family to escape political persecution and his father immigrated to study electrical engineering at Stanford University. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Drama and English from Stanford University before progressing to the USC School of Dramatic Arts, which he left with a masters in 2011.
Shortly thereafter, Amin El Gamal landed memorable guest roles on HBO’s The Newsroom and Showtime’s Shameless. This year, El Gamal plays a major character on Fox’s highly anticipated Prison Break sequel, appear opposite Alfred Molina in the film Message from the King, perform a pivotal role on the third season of TNT’s The Librarians and round out the ensemble in the critically acclaimed indie feature Namour.

Jeffrey Masters is an actor, host, and writer in Los Angeles. He documents the stories of the LGBTQ community on his podcast, LGBTQ&A, which was recently ranked #2 Buzzfeed’s list of the Top 27 Podcasts to Listen to in 2017.

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