90 Day Fiancè’s Tiffany & Ronald Divorcing Amid Cheating Allegations

Fans followed Tiffany Franco Smith and Ronald Smith’s whirlwind romance last season on The Other Way.

The recovering gambling addict and his bride walked down the aisle in his native South Africa nearly two years ago. Now Ronald is running to divorce court!

He made the announcement on social media.

“Sorry to inform you all that I have decided to leave Tiffany due to certain reasons,” he writes. “Unfortunately it just didn’t work for me. I’ll be filing for divorce in SA since she isn’t even registered in [the] USA as married. Talk about adultery.”

What a surprise! We would’ve guessed the distance or his addiction was to blame.

Tiffany has a different take, of course.

“Thank you guys for following our story, we really love each other, but some things are just irreparable,” she explains, declaring, “I never cheated.”

Tiff claims the allegations are an attempt to blame her for the divorce.

“He can continue to lash out and say all the negative things he want about me. All I did was love him too much and try too hard to make things work.”

What does the split mean for the couple’s future on 90 Day Fiancè?

There’s no indication Ronald and Tiffany have filmed since their season wrapped. In fact, they’ve spent almost all of their two-year marriage apart.

So it’s unlikely their divorce will play out on Happily Ever After. It’s truly tragic this family didn’t get their fairy tale ending.

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