90 Day Fiancè’s Corey Threatens Co-Star Laura to Keep Her Mouth Shut

Evelin Villegas and Laura Jallail’s friendship has gone south quicker than Laura did after filming the Tell All!

Laura and Evelin have been slinging social media insults and dishing the dirt on one another for weeks. Laura’s supposed scoop included accusations that Evelin continues to cheat on Corey Rathgeber, that the couple have been married and lying to fans throughout their stint on the show, and most recently, that Laura saw Corey use cocaine!

Of course, Mr. Evelin isn’t really one to stand up for himself, but he wasn’t going to let a drug allegation slide. Explaining that he has no way of communicating with Laura since she blocked him, Corey addressed her directly in an Instagram video Sunday.

He threatens to “press charges” against his former friend and co-star, if she says “one more thing” about him or Evelin. “I mean it. Stop it,” Corey demands more than once in the video.

But what jurisdiction does an American citizen really have over a Canadian on a visitors visa in Ecuador, especially when all parties have signed a reality TV contract that likely prohibits them from suing each other?

Perhaps realizing the chance of having Laura charged for a crime is slim, Corey later says he will simply “take legal action” against her for spreading the alleged lies.

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