Zak Abel Dreams of Kendrick Lamar, Mark Ronson, Adele, Shawn Mendez, Anderson .Paak Collab, Covers Amy Winehouse & Duets w/ Sinead Harnett on IG Live!

Written by: James Maple – April 23rd, 2020 12:44AM pst


As I am sure you are all aware, things are changing. How we live, how we interact, how we consume, the ‘old way’ of life is now a thing of the past. We understand that may seem like a grim reality, but it’s really about how you choose to view things. 

With the music world being one of the most hit industries, artists in particular, it can be difficult to see the silver lining. Clever artists have capitalized on this new reality in a way that brings them even closer to their fans than ever before.  An artist we have our eyes on who’s made the most of this situation is U.K.’s Zak Abel in our latest Afterbuzz Quarantine Session. 

Once the dust settled and we came to understand that this new way of life could be here to stay, many artists turned to social media to continue their careers as best they can. Zak Abel is one of those artists. Holding daily concerts and Q&As with fans, literally every single day, we’ve been given a deeper understanding of the creative process and  the mind of this very talented young man. We have even been treated to some amazing duets by some of Zak Abel’s talented friends. 

One duet we were most excited to see was between Zak Abel and Sinead Harnett. Both United Kingdom based artists, these two are no strangers to live concerts on instagram. Sinead often goes live to cover songs of other artists, mimicking their singing style and dancing, check it out HERE. We were surprised to see an impromptu duet between the two when they performed Sinead’s song “If You Let Me.” The same song we choose as our top pick for Sinead Harnett’s Best Songs. Not to be outdone on his very own daily concert, Zak delivers in his own way.

Taking questions from fans, Zak went into detail about some of his own aspirations and goals he has set for himself musically. When asked who his dream collaboration would be, his selection shocked even his most diehard fans.  Zak says, “For me, Kendrick Lamar from a rap point of view. Kendrick is the pinnacle of credibility. As for a dream collaboration? Shawn Mendes would be cool. I would love to work with Adele. Mark Ronson, I’ve been a big fan of Mark’s for a long time. Oh and Anderson .Paak as well, he’s so good.”

Another interesting question pitched to Zak regarded his personal pet peeves. His answer was interesting and, to be honest, not that surprising. Zak says:

“One pet peeve of mine is, in particular when people don’t listen. That really annoys me. When I meet someone and they dont ask any questions they just talk AT me. It just feels like why did you talk to me in the first place? What’s the point talking to me and you do not ask me any questions. If we’re going to do that, let’s just read, it would be more interesting. In the studio, if we are trying to write something, if someone is on their phone or instagram. It’s like, am I writing this for you or are we working together. What’s the vibe here? So those are the two pet peeves of mine.”

While we won’t claim to be innocent of those social crimes, we completely empathize with you Zak!

Fans were quick to see how open and honest he became and asked Zak some business related questions. Zak Abel has been vegan for quite some time and he was asked about how his veganism affects his business practices. Zak explained to his fans how his diet would not let him overlook the ethicacy of his merchandise. Partnering with UK based company BIDBI, Zak took the needed steps to ensure that his lifestyle aligned with his other plant based life choices. Though he explained this in a tweet last year, we were excited to hear he is continuing these ethical practices.  

Lastly, there are his solo performances. Taking requests from fans, Zak has covered many songs. One stand out cover we personally loved was his rendition of 2006’s “Valerie” by the late Amy Winehouse.  A difficult yet iconic song to sing, Zak does so effortlessly. We know Zak is a big Mark Ronson fan from previous fan Q&As. Perhaps a proper studio cover of “Valerie” should happen? As you all know, the original song was sung by Amy Winehouse but it was produced by and appeared on Mark Ronson’s album Version. Could this be Zak’s next big project? We certainly hope so!

In an ever changing world, it is nice to have some stability. For some, us in particular, music is our equalizer. Artists like Zak Abel aren’t doing these daily concerts and Q&As for money, or even fame. They are doing this as a way to bring themselves closer to the ones that adore them, the fans. So we advise you to take this moment, lean in, and make the most of it. There is always a silver lining, even during a global pandemic, if you look hard enough.

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About The Author:

James Maple is a LA based TV Host with a passion for music, interviews and outer space. A comedian at heart, James believes laughter, communication and a good 90s jam is a remedy for anything. You can follow him @terrelljamesmaple.

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