WWE Superstar Dana Brooke On Battles With Cyberbullying

WWE Superstar Dana Brooke shares how Titus O’Neil and Apollo Crews influenced her, talks partnering with Carmella, fight against cyberbullying & finding your inner confidence, MITB match, feud with Naomi, and how she’s going to capture Championship Gold. 

Emily Mae Heller

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Posted On: May 28th, 2020 11:13 pm pst

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ABTV Women’s Wrestling Weekly: Dana Brooke 

Professional Wrestler Dana Brooke was a special guest on AfterBuzz TV’s Women’s Wrestling Weekly this week with hosts TK Trinidad, Emily Mae Heller and Bryant Santos. She shared her favorite matches, working with Naomi and Carmella, this year’s popular MITB ladder match at WWE’s headquarters, and her inspiring message to young people to celebrate self-confidence and fight bullying. 

Dana Brooke is not only a WWE Superstar, but an inspiration for many across the entertainment and sports industry. Currently a part of the Smackdown brand, she talked about her current feud with Naomi, “the momentum keeps building and building, I’m super grateful for it…. I respect Naomi. She’s one of the best in the game…being in the ring with her definitely makes me step up my game and just gives me a boost of confidence in myself.” 

(Source: Sports Illustrated)

Early on in her WWE career, Dana aligned herself with “Titus Worldwide” alongside Titus O’Neil and Apollo Crews – who is now the WWE United States Champion. She reflected on that time together, “with Titus Worldwide it was seriously an amazing time in my career to work with them by my side… and Apollo, he’s had tons of experience, just an abundance of knowledge…and has given me a different psychological approach on how to do things,” she revealed. 

Apollo Crews took home the WWE United States Championship on this past Monday Night’s RAW. She revealed the excitement and emotion everyone had backstage and how it gave her goosebumps to see him succeed and grab that victory.  

(Source: WWE)

Anti-bullying, empowering women and being a good role model drives Dana’s passion to make a difference for the younger generation. She shared how important it is to show strength in the face of adversity, “We are role models, and you know children look up to us…we are creating the next generation and the next generation is looking at us… what better way to be able to go out there and be in front of thousands and thousands of people.”

(Source: WWE)

Fans around the world loved WWE’s Evolution in 2018 – an all women’s pay-per-view where generations of WWE Superstars made a big splash. Dana Brooke remembered her time at the show and the evolution of women’s wrestling, “We’ve gained such respect now more than ever before and if you tried to push that years ago, I don’t think we would have gotten the respect we are having now as being women and going out there and doing what the male superstars are doing,” she shared.

Our whole panel agreed we need another WWE Evolution, so let’s make it happen! 

The historical Money in the Bank pay-per-view in May was all over social media, as we all witnessed these WWE Superstars climb up the corporate ladder. Dana talked about the lead up to the epic event, “I didn’t know how to prepare for that match. When they mentioned that it was in the corporate headquarters… I was in the MITB match the previous year and that was one of my most exciting matches of all time,” she continued, “I tried my hardest and trained to the best of my abilities.” 

(Source: WWE)

Recently, Dana has been partnering with Carmella on Smackdown and she shared what it means to work with her and possibly go after the tag team championships. “The tag team titles is a great opportunity as well…We started at the same time, we were at the same tryouts, we got our contracts in our hands the same exact day, we were best friends, we were roommates…and now being in the ring at the biggest events in the entire world,” she shared. “And what better person to grab the tag team titles with than the person that you started with.” 

(Source: Twitter)

Dana Brooke is a truly inspirational speaker sharing advice on how you can find your own voice and self-confidence. “I’m a firm believer that there’s only one of you, and you were put on this planet with only one of you, and that one of you is very special.” That’s an amazing piece of advice we can all remember during this difficult time. 

(Source: Twitter)

As the media, entertainment and wrestling worlds deal with the tragic loss of Stardom wrestler, Hana Kimura, Dana Brooke shared her own experiences with cyberbullying, “Yes, I have dealt with cyberbullying a lot and it’s very unfortunate….I know truly that other people on the other side are not happy with themselves. Cyberbullying is the number one form of bullying these days… we as women and men, we need to support each other.” 

Fans will have to watch and see what’s next; whether it’s confronting Bayley, continuing this feud with Naomi or going after those tag team titles. I will be supporting and cheering Dana on as she goes after that gold! 

(Source: WWE)

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