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WWE Rushmore Tag Teams includes The Hart Foundation, The New Day, The Hardy Boyz and The Usos. Our Wrestling Rushmores series explains why!

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Posted On: May 5th, 2020 12:40am pst

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ABTV Wrestling Rushmore: WWE Tag Teams

If there were a Mount Rushmore for Pro Wrestling, the debate over what four (or nine in this case) faces would be carved into that mountainside would be endless.  However, what if there were a Mount Rushmore for various genres within professional wrestling? A Rushmore for Intercontinental Champions? One for WCW Champions?  Rushmores for AWA Champions, Managers, Divas, Luchadors, Heels, Monsters, Giants, Women, Golden Age Stars etc. Considering the glut of talented performers over the past 70 years, it would make the task easier, if not more just.  Introducing AfterBuzz TV’s ‘Wrestling Rushmore’ series where we select the top four greats in a specific wrestling category.  This week we chisel Wrestling’s Tag Teams Rushmore, focusing on the four greatest WWE Tag Teams.

The Hart Foundation

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“The best there is, the best there was and the best there ever will be!”  With a catchphrase like that, we would be foolish to not start our list off with The Hart Foundation.  Canadian wrestlers, Bret Hart and his brother-in-law, Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart (may he rest in peace), were the villains the tag team division needed.  Managed by Jimmy Hart (no relation), The Hart Foundation made their debut at Wrestlemania 2.  Ironically, in a battle royale instead of a tag team match.  While most associate Bret Hart with the infamous “Montreal screw-job”, we remember him as an amazing storyteller that literally brought life back into the tag team division.  Pro-wrestling has many aspects of it that the fans love to enjoy.  None of it matters without someone like Bret Hart creating a story and connecting it all together with his wrestling psychology.  Now, throw in a nearly 300 lbs powerhouse known as The Anvil, you get brains and brawn in one dominating package.  Though they only won the tag team championship twice, their main contribution was bringing excitement back into the tag team division.  They knew exactly what to do to get other tag teams like Demolition and The Rockers over with the crowd.  This talent is rare in today’s wrestling so we believe The Hart Foundation have cemented their spot on Mt. Rushmore.    

The New Day

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Talk about making lemonade out of lemons!  Kofi Kingston, Big E. and Xavier Woods came together as one of the most unique tag teams known as The New Day.  They had the longest tag team championship reign in WWE history, beating Demolition’s 28 year old record of 478 days,  at a whopping 483 days!  Kofi Kingston is a very decorated single’s competitor but his legacy will always be The New Day.  From 5 year olds to grown adults, you will see every member of the WWE Universe dance along to The New Day’s entrance music.  Talk about connecting with the fans.  It wasn’t always rainbows, unicorns and pancakes, however, this trio had a rocky start to their tenure as a tag team.  Essentially, given the gimmick to be clowns, it seemed that they were doomed from the start.  A cringe-worthy comedy act that was always greeted with resounding jeers from the crowd.  “New Day Sucks!” chants continued to fill the arena, even as they continued to get victory after victory.  It even led Xavier Woods to shoot on the crowd during a promo and said, “Why are you booing us?  We’re winning”  Being the creative geniuses the three of them are, Big-E soon unveiled New Day “socks” as a way to combat the audience.  The crowd slowly started to shift as the “New Day sucks” chants became the “New Day rocks” chant.  The sheer amount of merchandise they put over is unheard of.  Wrestlers are known to sell T-shirts, masks and even championship belts. The New Day were merchandise KINGS selling items from boxes of made up cereal to unicorn horns.  They made positivity cool, which reflected in their record-setting merchandise sales.  With their skills in the ring and ability to adapt to any and all situations, the world couldn’t help but fall in-love with the 8 time tag team champions, The New Day!

The Hardy Boyz

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Tables and Ladders and Chairs, oh my!  I know what you’re thinking.  Why are The Hardy Boyz on this list but not Edge and Christian or The Dudleyz?  Simple, WWE longevity.  The Hardyz are known for their daredevil style of wrestling along with their rockstar personas.  Self taught, the Hardyz are one of the few who literally started at the bottom and rose to the top.  They debuted as a couple of jobbers who caught the eye of WWE management for their tenacity and willingness to perform.  At the age of 19 (Matt) and 17 (Jeff), these young teens knew that this was the only thing they wanted to do.  The first risk Jeff Hardy ever took was lying about his age just to step foot into the ring.  Though, it could’ve ended badly for Jeff, it all ended up working out.  Sneaking a win over the Acolytes, Farooq and Bradshaw, The Hardyz teamed with Michael Haze to feud against The Brood, Gangrel, Edge and Christian.  That was the start to the legendary Feud between The Hardyz and Edge and Christian that created 4 future Hall of Famers.  Innovating the new style of ladder matches, The Hardyz risked life and limb to entertain the crowd.  Never thinking about tomorrow and only living for today.  Though the Hardyz got their fame from their ladder matches and daredevil high spots, the brothers came into their own after teaming with female high flyer, Lita, to create Team Xtreme.  Every kid would cut up a pair of panty hose to mimmick their cool arm sleeves.  Going on to win 6 tag team championships along with multiple singles titles, they went from high flying attraction to legitimate WWE Superstars.  We all love Jeff’s World title run and Matt’s creative “Broken” Gimmick, but the brothers will always be loved as a duo.  We particularly noticed this when the arena exploded with cheers at Wrestlemania 33 as Matt and Jeff made their WWE comeback to win the Tag Team Championships one last time.

The Usos

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With a bloodline of over 75 years and the largest family in wrestling history, The Samoan Dynasty, multiple tag teams have come from this lineage.  But none tighter and more evenly matched than twin brothers, Jimmy and Jey Uso.  Sons of WWE Hall of Famer, Rikishi, the Usos incorporate a mix of their father’s charismatic wrestling style along with their uncle, Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka’s, high flying abilities.  If you want to watch a duo whose every move is in unison, The Usos will deliver.  As twins, they are so in sync it is like watching someone tag with their shadow.  With the gift of gab on their side, the Usos mic skills are just as great as their in-ring ability.  Their most memorable promos are against the equally creative New Day.  The back and forth dissing between these two teams captivated the audience just as much as their matches, creating their most memorable rivalry.  Winning 6 tag team championships, they remain a strong unit.  One of the very few tag teams who haven’t betrayed one another or feuded.  Though seeing a twin vs twin match would be amazing, if it was up to me, the brothers would stay a team forever.  They’ve been with WWE for a little over 10 years, however, I feel like their best is yet to come.  After successfully reinventing themselves in 2016, I’m excited to see what else The Usos have to offer the Tag Team division.

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If you disagree with our Wrestling Rushmore WWE Tag Team selections or have comments, please let us know.  If you have ideas for other Wrestling Rushmores, let us know, too. And of course if you’re a fan of The Hart Foundation, The New Day, The Hardy Boyz and The Usos or the WWE please share this article.  For more great wrestling discussion check out all of our wrestling podcasts and video shows at afterbuzztv.com.

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