Wrestling Star, MJ Jenkins talks release from WWE, diversity, favorite coaches & dream storyline

Wrestling Star MJ Jenkins talks her release from WWE, diversity in wrestling, favorite trainers at the WWE PC, advice from X-Pac, Naomi, Bianca Belair

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Posted On: May 1st, 2020 3:10pm pst

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ABTV Women’s Wrestling Weekly: Marvelous MJ Jenkins 

Sports Entertainer, Professional Wrestler and Singer, Marvelous MJ Jenkins was a guest on AfterBuzz TV’s  Women’s Wrestling Weekly this week with hosts TK Trinidad, Emily Mae, and Bryant Santos. She shared advice that was given to her when she was let go, her training experience at the WWE PC, diversity and representation in the industry and who her love storyline would be if given the chance. 

(Twitter: MJ Jenkins)

MJ Jenkins knew ever since the beginning that she wanted to be a professional wrestler. She shared with us, “It was just something that I knew I always wanted to do…one of my teachers was just like, write down all your goals that you want to do in life. And I wrote down professional wrestling as my top goal. And I erased it and put something else.” 

Her teacher noticed this change and inspired her to pursue her dreams of professional wrestling and put it first instead of second, even when it might be difficult. Her teacher said, “Is that what you wanna really do?’. And I said, ‘Yeah’. And she said, ‘Then do it!’ And the rest you can say is history! 

(Source: Twitter MJ Jenkins)

Jenkins solidified her wrestling journey, started training and knew it was the place she needed to be. “There was no fear in me. Once I stepped in that building and I saw the wrestling ring, the moment I took my first bump…I just knew that no matter what, this is what I wanted to do.” 

Diversity, representation and inclusivity in the wrestling industry is a continuous struggle that many wrestlers have. Jenkins spoke about her experience and what it means to be represented and the photoshoot organized by WWE Superstar Bianca Belair to show the full representation of black women in WWE. “The more we work together and the more that we support one another… if you did see the photoshoot that we did. So her [Bianca] just being herself and wanting to promote women and wanting to promote all shades of brown.” 

(Source: Twitter MJ Jenkins)

Jenkins continues on about her interactions with others throughout the business as she was creating her brand for audiences,“I can say that I’ve heard certain things from different people that told me I needed to Europeanize my look more because they didn’t think that certain companies would like it because of what they saw,” she revealed. “I’m like there’s so many layers and don’t try to confine what it is to be black or brown…But the interesting thing is, certain companies, like the WWE, they didn’t want me to change that. They absolutely loved it.” 

(Source: Twitter MJ Jenkins)

Training at the PC is an experience only a select few get to experience as they begin the journey of becoming WWE Superstars, Jenkins shared who her favorite coach was at the PC and why. “My favorite trainer definitely is Norman Smiley… he pulls no punches. And even though he pulls no punches, when he tells you something it’s like a little funny jab at you. The importance of wrestling, his attention to detail on everything,” she shared. “You can spend an hour with Norman and you come out knowing at least five or more things that make the biggest difference,” she said.

(Source: Twitter MJ Jenkins)

The storylines in WWE recently have been wild with love triangles between Bobby Lashley and Lana, and Mandy Rose and Otis so we asked Jenkins, if she could have a storyline like that, who would her love interest be? “At NXT, I would love to be in a love storyline…with Tehuti Miles. Oh man, Tehuti, he’s incredible, she revealed with a big smile. “And let’s see on the main roster…my top one, I would love to do like a love storyline with Sheamus.” What a fun storyline those would be!

Unfortunately, MJ Jenkins was a part of the recent release of WWE staff members and talent that occurred a few weeks ago. Jenkins shared that members of WWE reached out to her and gave her advice to get through this tough time, “Everyone from X-Pac to the coaches, Scotty, even people in medical, Naomi even reached out to me… Bianca, Kacy Catanzaro, everyone has been reaching out to me and they’re just telling me like a mixture of different things”, she shared, “Even though this happened, this doesn’t define you.” 

(Source: Twitter MJ Jenkins) 

Jenkins with a smile and some emotion shared about the impact the advice had on her, “Everything they were doing, they were just building my confidence, building my self-esteem and they were taking away all the pain that I was feeling from my personal [loss] from losing a father figure, to also my professional life, everybody was being uplifting, and letting me know you’re gonna be ok.” It’s a beautiful message to remember that even in the darkest times, everything is going to be alright and there are people around you that care. 

We know that wherever MJ Jenkins goes she will shine brightly! 

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