World of Dance Season 4 Interview

Our Afterbuzz TV Host called in and chatted with the new winners of World of Dance Season 4! You could hear it in their voices that their lives changed overnight. From the comfort of her home, Dot asks some of all our burning questions.

Dot McDonald

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Posted On: August 17th, 2020 9:16 pm pst

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World of Dance Season 4 Interview

Our Afterbuzz TV Host called in and chatted with the new winners of World of Dance Season 4! You could hear it in their voices that their lives changed overnight. From the comfort of her home, Dot asks some of all our burning questions. 

As the first contemporary dance group to win World of Dance, what were some of your emotions when they announced that you all were the winners?

Maddie: “It definitely felt like an out of body experience. It didn’t feel like it was happening when they announced our names. And when the confetti dropped and everything, it was something that we will never forget.” 

Emma: “It felt like it was in slow motion. To experience it with my best friends was amazing.” 

Derek: “It was a dream for us because we wanted it for so long. To know that we finally got it was super awesome.” 

It’s obvious that you all put in a lot of hard work, how many hours a day did you rehearse at the studio?

Maddie: “We would rehearse hours on end. We started a couple of months before the filming process of the show. We prepared our first three trios before walking in. Sometimes we even had 12hr days, so taking care of our bodies was super important.” 

How did you all take care of your bodies during this process?

Emma: “We would use icy hot, take epsom salt baths, have our parents massage us and get lots of rest.” 

You all had the opportunity to get feedback from the greats. What was it like hearing from judges Neyo, J.Lo and Derek Hough?

Diego: “It was an honor because we have looked up to them for so long. We love them  so much and are so inspired by them.”

Out of all the judges who you were super excited to hear from?

Maddie, Emma & Diego: “DEREK HOUGH! Because he was a fan of all our performances and he has a big name in the dance industry.” 

What was it like performing the finale with no audience?

Maddie: “It was unfortunate because we thrive off of hearing the crowd cheer for us when we are dancing. We just had to focus on each other more. A key motivation was the one million dollar prize. That helped a lot.”

Emma: “The audience makes us push harder, so we were a little nervous.” 

Derek: “The good thing is, our families were backstage cheering and we could hear them.” 

How did Covid affect you all or inspire you throughout this process?

Emma: “We didn’t know much about it. Quarantine wasn’t until March and that’s when we finished the show. We went right into quarantine after. So we really got to focus on dance and the show.”

Maddie: “Because quarantine happened right after filming, we definitely got a much needed break from dancing. Our bodies were so tired. We had the opportunity to stay at the studios and keep taking classes since our dance teacher was quarantined with us the whole time.” 

You all just won a million dollars, how do you plan on spending it?

Diego: “I want to go on a big shopping spree. I want to buy something from Louis Vuitton and get an apartment in LA.” 

Emma: “I’m turning 16, so I’m gonna have a big sweet 16 party! I’ll get a car and put the rest in savings.” 

Maddie: “I’m definitely going on a shopping spree, get an apartment in LA and start a savings account.”

Emma just mentioned that she is 16, you guys are still in high school. How did you manage school and rehearsals?

Emma: “We had a lot of hours of both school and rehearsals. As the only Junior team left, we were the only ones balancing school and dance which made it a lot harder for us. The teachers made it really simple for us. If we needed more hours of rehearsal, we would reschedule school for the next day. It wasn’t too bad.” 

How has this win inspired you or changed your life?

Maddie: “It’s changed our life drastically. In the past 48hours we have gained a huge following on our social media handles. Our name is out there and the dance world is talking about us. It’s crazy to know we started with such a small name and we came out of World of Dance as winners.”

What has shocked you the most about the entire process?

Diego: “What shocked me the most was all the last minute changes, like seconds before we went on. We had to stay focused and be ready for anything.”

Were there any other dance teams on the show you were a fan of?

Maddie: “Oxygen, Jake and Chau.” 

Emma: “Jake and Chau, Keagan Capps, The Young Cast, Savannah Manzel.”

Are there any artists or choreographers you would like to work with?

Diego: “Nick and RJ.” 

Maddie: “Parirs Goebel.”

Emma: “Anyone who is a contemporary dancer that can get me a job.” 

 Do you have any advice for other dance teams who are trying to get on World of Dance?

Diego: “Remember to train. That’s the number one thing. And always have your eyes set on a goal.”

Maddie: “Make dance your top priority.” 

Emma: “Make sure you’re having fun and that it’s something you really love.”

What do guys do when you’re not dancing?

Diego: “I really like photography. If dance doesn’t work out, that’s another option.”

Maddie: “I love going to the beach and shopping. I even love staying in and watching Netflix with friends.”

Emma: “Dance is all I do. If I wasn’t a dancer I would try to be a doctor or something. I like shopping, hanging out with my friends. I try to bake but it doesn’t really go too well.”


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