Women of DC Universe Cast Share Experiences & Fighting Social Injustice

DC Comics’ BAWSE: Females of Color Within the DC Universe panel delivers
a transparent conversation about being a woman of color and a DC star. 

Zuri Chellece

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Posted On: August 28th, 2020 2:30 pm pst

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DC Comics held their first virtual DC FanDome event which included numerous panels, digital activations, and unveiling of upcoming projects. 

The BAWSE: Females of Color Within the DC Universe panel included women from the big screen such as Meagan Good who played Darla in Shazam! to those who entertain on a weekly basis such as Nafessa Williams who plays Thunder in Black Lightning. During heartfelt and transparent conversation, Williams spoke about the importance of being the first Black lesbian super hero.

“I’m really honored to play this role of the first Black lesbian superhero. Because when I think of that, I think of all the Black lesbians who have not been able to visually see themselves when they go to the cinema or they watch their favorite TV shows,” Williams said. “And for me, it’s one thing knowing that there is a role for it, but when you’re in that role and you’re getting feedback, you realize the importance of it and how much it is necessary and how much you need it.”

Throughout the panel, women a part of the DC Universe continued to describe their experience in their roles and the impact of on screen representation. 

“When I found out that she was the first Muslim American superhero, I felt the weight of that, said  Tala Ashe, Zari Tarazi from DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. I think the really smart thing that my show did which every show should do, is when they hired me, they hired a Muslim American writer,” Ashe said. “Representation matters so much. It’s so important that little Brown children all over the world are seeing someone like me and being like, ‘Oh, that opens my mind to that possibility.’ But also people that are in parts of our country who will never be exposed to a Muslim-American, if they can connect to the character, I feel like we’ve done our job.”

Expanding the scope to include more social issues, the women of the panel shared which of their characters’ superpowers they would use to assist in aiding the fight against social justice issues. 

“I would use my super strength to arrest the police officers who took the life of Breonna Taylor and countless others,” Williams said, while Chantal Thuy of Black Lightning revealed she would “use shape-shifting powers to swap some people out of the office.”

Photo Courtesy of: imdb.com

Breonna Taylor was a 26-year-old Black woman killed in her home over 150 days ago by Louisville Metro Police Department officers.

You can catch season 4 of Black Lightning and season 6 of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow followed by their respective aftershows as early as January 2021.

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