Wizards Of Waverly Place Cast Reunion W/ Tea & Trivia Shared!

Everything is definitely what it seems as David Henrie and Jennifer Stone join Gregg and Cameron Youtube’s Channel. Gregg Sulkin played Mason on the show and invited both his former co-stars to come back for another Wizards of Waverly Place reunion episode and this time they played, “who knows their show trivia the best?”

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Posted On: August 3rd, 2020 8:41 pm pst

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Can you guess who won?

This pandemic might have paused the entertainment industry but it hasn’t paused creativity and reunions. Suklin and Cameron Fuller restarted their YouTube Channel together.

This reunion was incredible for fans to see especially because our favorite wizard, human, and werewolf were all able to be in the same room on camera together in almost a decade. Yes, we do know that they’ve all done other projects but it feels like coming home when you see them all together again.

Sulkin shared a photo with the caption “Getting the cast back together!”

Credit: Gregg Sulkin’s IG

Stone shared a video of her, Sulkin and Henrie performing their own version of the classic crazy funky junky hat rhyme that was originally performed by Stone and Gomez’s characters [Harper and Alex] in season one.

At the beginning of the video, Henrie encourages fans, “make sure if you want a reboot to like and comment and let us know because those kinds of analytics are helpful to a reboots cause.”

This isn’t the first time a reboot has been brought up by  someone from the cast as Henrie said that he and Gomez have thought about it a lot the last couple years.

There were a lot of things shared during the video. Did you know Demi Lovato sang live while she was in the audience supporting Selena Gomez? Do you know how many girlfriends Justin Russo had in the show?

One of the trivia questions was about what they did together as a cast on the last day of shooting. 

“What happened is the show ended and all of us cried and then they actually rolled a whole table full of shots of alcohol in front of everyone.” Henrie answered. “ People who were of age drink no one else did.”

“Off set.” Sullkin added.
“They had apple juice for the rest of us.” Stone added. “I think it was tequila shots cause I remember being super bummed that I had apple juice.”

“I was underage too so the drinking part of that I wasn’t included.”

“I was!” Henrie said enthusiastically as they all laughed together reminiscing. 

Credit: Disney Channel

In just 24 hours the video already has over one million views which you could probably tell means the demand for a reboot of this show is at an all time high!

If you already haven’t seen the Wizards of Waverly Place Reunion, there’s no time like the present to check it out.

Will any of the former cast members join the next video? What game will they play next? Don’t forget to subscribe to Gregg and Cameron Youtube Channel.

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