Wicked Single After Show

The Wicked Single After Show recaps, reviews and discusses episodes of VH1’s Wicked Single.

Show Summary: Single young adults having the time of their lives in the “party hearty” city of Boston is the focus of this reality series. They revel in “Monday Fundays” and “Tuesday Boozedays” at the clubs — and nurse hangovers on Wednesdays — but the six friends also wonder if they are missing out on the trappings of adulthood. How can they grow up without growing old? The cast includes Rachel and Nikki, who both hope to find Mr. Right; life-of-the-party Chubs and his roommate, Joe, who is bummed about turning 30; Chelsi, aka “the maniac”; and Chrissy, the tough Southie girl and peacekeeper of the group.


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