Why Aren’t You Watching Shrill?

Written by: Tara Erickson – February 25th 2020,12:39 pst

Did your parents give you a complex? Do you look for a bottom of the barrel kind of love because you think that’s all you’re worth? Do you struggle with finding your own voice? Well, luckily there’s a show that explores all those questions and so much more. So why aren’t you watching Hulu’s Shrill?

credit: Hulu

Shrill is packed with laughs and heartfelt punches that are so relatable you’ll spend a lot of time looking inward after watching this show. Who doesn’t love a little self-reflection?

Aidy Bryant (the SNL star) plays Annie, who tries to change her life without changing her body…and it does not come easy. Her roommate (played by Loly Adefope) is her biggest cheerleader and also the local LGBTQ community’s biggest flirt, which leaves room for a lot of quick heartbreaks…followed by a lot of life lessons.

Credit: Hulu

A lot of the awkward experiences depicted on the show are actually taken from real life situations that the writer, Lindy West, and Aidy have had in real life, so stuff gets unpleasantly real. This show doesn’t avart its gaze from emotional or sexual taboos or from sometimes uncomfortable topics like the exaggerated aspects of the feminist movement and the actual day-to-day struggles of a modern feminist.

credit: Hulu

It’s bold, it’s funny, and it takes on some of society’s biggest taboos.

Still not sold? Well here’s a hot tip for SNL superfans: Julia Sweeney, who plays Aidy Bryant’s Mom, is a Saturday Night Live alumni. So now you can get off your comedy high horse and accept that I am always right when it comes to these kinds of things.

credit: Hulu

Let’s move onto rating this show on my emoji scale shall we?

I give Hulu’s SHRILL… dun dun dun…

One of these 😲 because it’s astonishing how people treat others based on the shape of their bodies and this show calls that out.

One of these 🚶🏻‍♀️because there’s so many times you want Annie to walk away from a certain someone that it almost kills you!
one of these , because this show explores the many sides of the lgbtq community in a non snooze-festy way that’s really refreshing.

One of these 📝 because this show highlights the ups and downs of trying to find your voice as a writer and the wins that come with it.

And Finally one of these 💅🏽 because when Annie gets her groove back it’ll make you feel on fleek!

Whew! You made it to the point where I end my rant and you go and watch Hulu’s Shrill.

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