Why aren’t you watching High Fidelity on Hulu?

Written by: Tara Erickson – March 4th 2020, 3:30pm pst

So, Top 5 biggest heartbreaks list?

Okay… Sam, Bob, Chris, Alex and Charlie.

None of those names are real, because I won’t ever give them the satisfaction!

Moving on, do you guys have a top 5? Do you have songs that you hate now, but you used to love when you had love and didn’t think you were gonna die alone? Well, lucky you I’ve got a show for that, Hulu’s High Fidelity, So why aren’t you watching it?

credit: Hulu

We’ve all been through heartbreak and have felt like total poop on a stick because of it and this show gets that. It highlights the silver lining of that poop, ways you can learn from it and also highlights how it’s sometimes really hard to be alone. It’s hard to get over people, scary to have kids, hard to not be jaded, scary to follow your dreams and hard to stop not being alone, because you’re scared.

credit: Hulu

Rob (Zoe Kravitz) wraps up all the feelings of love, self deprecation and music obsession in a performance everyone will be obsessing about, just as much as we obsessed over John Cusack’s performance in the movie, High Fidelity.

credit: Touchstone Pictures

Cherise (Da’Vine Joy), our Jack Black type,

credit: Hulu

will have you laughing the second she comes on screen. She’s filled with snarky sweet remarks and a voice that you may or may not be blessed with hearing this season.

Simon, (David Holmes),

credit: Instagram David Holmes

lays down what it’s really like to finally come out of the closet and then just fall for the same guy over and over and over again. We’ve all been there, right?


You guys know how to cut your losses and move on?

Well CONGRATU-FREAKING-LATIONS! You’re all well established adults and I’ve got baggage. Let’s move on, shall we?

Let’s rate this show on my emoji scale!

I give Hulu’s High Fidelity, dun dun dun…

One of these 💿 (pretend it’s vinyl) because this show highlights how we all have a soundtrack when it comes to love and losses in life.

One of these 💍 because this show understands that marriage is a scary thing even if you’re happy.

One of these 🔝, because there’s a lot of “Top 3, top 5, top whatever lists” throughout this show that will literally have you asking everyone around you, “What’s your top 5 Rom-Coms and why?

One of these 🙆🏻‍♀️ , because you’ll probably find yourself saying “Okay, alright, this show it hittin’ too close to home!”

And Finally one of these 💓, because this will have your heart beating as you click next and next and next till 4am after watching all the episodes in one night. Then you might even stay up after that, really dissecting who your top 5 are and why! Which can get a little intense.

Okay, Whew! You made it to the point where I ZIP IT UP and you go and watch Hulu’s High Fidelity!

About The Author:

Tara Erickson is an actor and comedian with a background in improv and sketch comedy. She’s not only acting, but creating, writing, producing, directing AND editing all her work for her own YouTube channel. She’s happy to call AfterBuzz TV her home for hosting and talking all things movie and TV.

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