Who’s still together from Listen To Your Heart? Matt and Rudi admit, We talk every single day!

The winner of Listen to Your Heart Season 1 is crowned! ET’s Lauren Zima speaks exclusively with past contestants from Chris Watson and Bri Strauss to Rudi Gutierrez and Matt Ranaudo! Tea is dished: who’s together, who’s “working things out” & who is flat out not together at all! 

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Posted On: May 19th, 2020 10:59 pm pst

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Last night on the Listen To Your Heart Finale Bri Stauss and Chris Watson were crowned the first winners of the series! But with so many up and down moments through the course of the season- and that surprising exit from Matt and Rudi we’re all left here wondering- what happened to these couples when the cameras stopped rolling? ET’s Lauren Zima caught up with the final three couples and got the inside scoop. Chris and Bri were able to record their debut album: Chris and Bri while in quarantine. Bri admits she has a “compromised immune system, and so traveling is the biggest issue.” Even though the two talk every day- they’re looking forward to reuniting. 

As for Jamie and Trevor, it doesn’t seem as though the pair were able to make it last. Even though they both state they look back fondly on the relationship with no regrets- no clear reason is given as to why the pair couldn’t make it last. The article goes on to say “It doesn’t seem like Trevor’s admission he cheated in the past was to blame.” Could we possibly see Jamie on Bachelor in Paradise? She says, “Never say never!”  There might still be hope for fan favorites Matt & Rudi! Matt said, “Watching it back only reaffirmed everything I already know, which is that I care so much for Rudi and we have an undeniable connection” As for what’s next in their relationship Matt adds “We talk every single day.” “We’ll see what the future holds!” Natascha and Ryan, who seemed to have a slower connection romantically on the show, seem to be going strong. They, too, say that watching the show back has only made their connection stronger. They haven’t put a label on their relationship and plan to “take everything day by day and have an open heart and mind while doing so.” 

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