Who will replace Cameran Eubanks for Southern Charm Season 7?

‘Southern Charm’ Star Cameran Eubanks “will not be returning” for Season 7; Could Danni Baird, Jenna KingLandon Clements or Madison Lecroy be possible replacements?

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Posted On: May 13th, 2020 5:47pm pst

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‘Southern Charm’ OG star Cameran Eubanks has revealed she won’t be returning to the show as part of the Season 7 cast. In an Instagram post on May 12 which featured a photo of her and fellow cast member Patricia Altschul, a fan commented that she was looking forward to the show’s return, to which Eubanks replied, “I will not be returning,” sending shock-waves through the IG universe. 

The departure of Eubanks, mom to 2-year-old Palmer and wife to doctor-hubby Jason Wimberly, leaves a clear fissure in the foundation that has made ‘Southern Charm’ so great for the past 6 seasons. Eubanks won us over with her girl-next-door charm and unfiltered advice and observation of her friends’ often questionable life choices (enter Craig’s pillow sewing business venture and Shep’s, well, everything). Practical and level-headed, Eubanks often serves as the glue that seems to hold the sometimes-fractured group together. 

So in the absence of the Princess of Charleston on the show, I started to wonder, “Who could possibly fill Cameran’s Louboutins?”. Here’s a breakdown of former and current show regulars that might be on the short list for her replacement.

Danni Baird

The 35-year old friend of the cast has had a recurring role on the show for all 6 seasons but has never quite managed to earn a promotion to full-time cast member, so Season 7 might just be her moment. She ticks a lot of the boxes Eubanks leaves behind…she’s close with the group, particularly with cast member Kathryn Dennis, though their relationship hasn’t been without its challenges. She’s unfiltered and not afraid to share her opinions. And she’s proven herself as a fiercely loyal friend to the group over and over again. 

To scroll through her IG, you get a real mix of the reality of Danni’s life. Dogs: Check. Un-famous friends: Check. More dogs: Check. She even laments at the struggles of #quarantinelife on April 16 in a post featuring a selfie of her and her pup, captioning, “We are entirely sick of one another.” This breath-of-fresh-air vibe is one that Eubanks leaves behind and one that Baird is more-than-qualified to fill.

Jenna King

Remember Eubanks’s only other female counterpart from Season 1, Jenna? She ditched reality TV for the sunny SoCal life after filming in 2014 ended. However, while peeping through her IG stories today, it appears King, 35, has returned (even if temporarily) to her southern roots. She posted a series of stories, including a parking lot shot of Bojangles, the popular fried chicken fast food spot mostly found in the south, a stop to grab some boiled peanuts and pickled eggs, and a series of shots including family photos and snow globes. King also included screen shots of news articles revealing LA’s newly extended stay at home plans “for another three months,” prompting me to think that maybe it’s time for her to get out of Hollywood and bring some spice and spontaneity to the southern show. 

What I like about the idea of Jenna coming back is exactly why I liked her in the first season, though I didn’t really know it at the time. Jenna is the polar opposite of anyone else in the group. She doesn’t seem to need to conform to social expectations, she forges her own path, and she’s unapologetically herself. She already has the respect and admiration of the cast members, including Craig Conover, who admits that he still stays in touch with King “once every four months”, adding, “If I’m in LA, I would love to run into her…I think Shep [Rose] still talks to her, too.” If Danni is a breath of fresh country air, King is a breath of fresh salty air – the kind that’s a little tougher to breathe in, but leaves an unforgettable scent and a lasting impression once it does.

Landon Clements

Landon didn’t leave a ton of fans behind when she left the show after Season 3, and it’s a stretch that we would ever see her back, though she did tell People Magazine in an article in May 2019, “never say never,”, so I’m not ruling the option out. Clements, 37, who was tied to the show through cast member Shep Rose by way of their college friendship, also left Charleston for the West Coast after she stopped filming. Now a divorceé and living in swanky Malibu, Clements is living her best Cali life and focusing on her career in residential real estate. 

However, Clements recently posted a photo of her and Eubanks posing with the King of Bravo TV himself, Andy Cohen, after his diagnosis and recovery from coronavirus. “Glad to hear you are doing better @bravoandy,” she writes, and while the photo is clearly a throwback, seeing the image of her in ‘Southern Charm’ company makes me wonder how possible it’d be to get her back full-time. 

Madison LeCroy

Before we go too far down this path, let me first say that this would, by far, be my least favorite option of them all. While I wanted to give Madison, 31, a chance when she first hit the show as Austen’s rebound fling post-Chelsea, I just couldn’t get on board. Partially because I’m a HUGE Chelsea fan, and partially because the more I learned about Madison, the less I liked. 

That being said, Madison might be the easiest choice for the producers to make. She’s controversial, with her on-again-off-again romance with cast member Austen Kroll keeping her tethered to the show the past 2 seasons. She’s local, keeping her home-base in South Carolina, possibly due to a custody arrangement of her young son, so there’s no hurdle in getting her back to Charleston. And, she’s good TV. Like her or hate her, her, shall I say, undressed opinions and no-holds-barred take on the group make her a polarizing figure…and a reality TV producer’s dream.

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Who did I miss? Hint: Not Ashley. Got a suggestion? Let me know who you hope to see added to the cast of Southern Charm Season 7! 

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