What Makes Reality TV So Binge Worthy

Can’t stop watching reality TV? Us either! Check out why your favorite shows like The Bachelorette, Love Island, and Keeping Up With The Kardashians are so addicting!

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Posted On: June 30th, 2021 10:32 am pst

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Do you ever wonder why you watch reality television or what makes it so captivating? Here are the elements we’ve found that make our favorite reality television shows to binge worthy!


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The number one step to a good reality TV show is to capture the audience. Our favorite celebrities bring in the heat with a little bit of drama. The queen of confronting her problems, Lisa Rinna, is seen above from a clip of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. These ladies know now to get dolled up and hash out their issues. Along with every piece of drama there comes a conflict resolution. How could you not keep watching after seeing that epic scene?


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Nothing will ever warm viewers’ hearts more than a television show creating a set of best friends for life. Reality TV shows us people’s lives whether they’re going through the good or the bad. On Love Island, you can see a bromance bonds formed like no other. They have each other’s backs even when the show is based off of them competing with each other and voting each other off. Seeing the cast of the shows sticking by each other’s sides through thick and thin reminds us of our friends and brings us a sense of security.


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As much as viewers love to see the lavish lives of reality tv celebrities, we also need to see them as regular human beings. This includes seeing that they have to work for what they have too. Below Deck, is a perfect example of this as the television show revolves around their workplace. Working shows they have to get their hands dirty just like us, even if it is on a beautiful yacht looking over the ocean.


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Speaking of lavish lives, there is nothing like living vicariously through your celebrity of choice’s vacation. Survivor introduces us to new remote islands every season, but count me out on building my own bed. I’d rather sit in on a Kardashian vacation to Turks and Caicos or Miami.


Everyone wants to find love, and reality television shows viewers that this is possible. On The Bachelorette, a regular woman is selected and is thrown into a season of romance and fun on her quest to find Mr.Right. The show has had couples that go on to get married and have kids, but first they have to get through break ups and betrayal like any ordinary person. The romance in reality television gives us hope that anyone can find their Prince Charming.


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Along with every piece of drama there comes a conflict resolution. Most reality television shows end with a reunion for the cast to air out their dirty laundry. Viewers were in desperate need of a reunion for Keeping Up With The Kardashians as they refrained from having a reunion until the very last season of their show. Lots of viewers look forward to the reunion for ages to see how the cast resolves all of their issues. Reunions give the viewers a sense of peace and closure with some good old mediated conflict resolution.

You’ve Made It

After a reality television show is popular enough the next step is to claim the fame on Celebrity Family Feud. If you see your favorite reality tv stars dancing with Steve Harvey, you know you’re in the right place. The list of stars that have been on the show goes on and on. Check out if your favorite cast members have made their Celebrity Family Feud debut!

Next time you binge your reality television show of choice, see if they meet our credentials!

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