Weddings and Engagements During BLM Protesting

Kerry Anne and Michael Gorden get married during a protest, and Xavier Young proposes to Marjorie Alston while protesting. These couples are spreading love and fighting for Black Lives Matter, reminding us of John Legend and Tebby Burrows’s song; We Need Love performed on Songland

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Posted On: June 9th, 2020 5:57 pm pst

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In 2019 John Legend released a song called “We Need Love,” written by Tebby Burrows from Songland

“Too many brothers falling. Too many mother’s cry..Too many broken hearts we can’t make right. We need love, love, love.”

Not only did this song touch millions of us, but it’s also the perfect anthem to what happened on Saturday afternoon, June 6th in Philadelphia. 

While we have been protesting the past week fighting for Black Lives Matter, we’ve dealt with hate and people risking their lives to stand against racism. But the message that might have gotten lost along the way is spreading love. We’re out here spreading love to our brothers and sisters. Spreading love to the people who are on the front lines fighting for our black communities. 

Kerry Anne and Michael Gorden remind us why we are coming together to protest in the first place. It’s so black lives too can grow old with our loved ones. So we can watch our children grow up. So we feel safe enough to have a life that’s filled with dreams. 

The best way to spread the message of love during a protest is to get married in the middle of one. Kerry Anne and Michael Gordan exchanged vows to each other at Logan Hall. After their ceremony they joined a crowd of people marching at the Philadelphia Museum of Art to City Hall. 

Credit: Complex

As soon as Kerry Anne and Michael joined the crowd, still dressed in their wedding attire, everyone stopped for a moment to allow the couple to hold hands and kiss in the street. 

The crowd chants “Black Lives Matter” as the newlyweds raise their fist, a symbol of solitary. 

“It ended up being a powerful moment,” Kerry- Anne Gordan told ABC news. “Not only are we feeling the movement of the people, but I’m meeting my husband, on our wedding day as a strong black man and a good representative of who we are as people, what our men are like, what our culture is like.” 

Kerry Anne Gordon was born in Jamaica and Michael Gordan is of Caribbean descent. Michael told ABC news that the issues at hand have been in place well before Floyd’s death. They both have felt this on a personal level.  

The newlyweds were very moved when they saw all races out in the crowd fighting for the black community. 

“We all see injustice,” Michael explains to ABC news. “We all want this needle to shift away from the status quo and..that made this day more memorable in ways.” 

The Gordans originally planned on getting married June 6th, but due to covid-19 they decided to keep the date and postpone their larger wedding to 2021.  

We’re glad that they decided to keep this date and send us all the beautiful message of why Black Lives Matter. Thank you Kerry Anne and Michael Gordan. 

Another couple that “made history while witnessing history” was Xavier Young and his fiancee Marjorie Alston. 

The couple was close to not going, because Marjorie was pregnant and Xavier had prior obligations. 

Luckily, Xavier was able to cancel his plans and packed a bag to take with them, and he snuck the ring in it. The couple protested in Raleigh, North Carolina and when the right opportunity arrived, Xavier told Marjorie that he had to stop to grab a drink of water. 

He then got down on one knee and proposed to her. Coincidentally, Charles Crouch, who is a photographer, was walking by while Xaiver was proposing and took a picture of the couple. 

Credit: E News!

“Went downtown to the protest against police brutality. I was blessed to capture this proposal in the midst of what would become chaos,” Charles told E!News.

The couple hopes to have a wedding in 2021.

Don’t forget while you are protesting, make sure you are  spreading the love to one another, because we are all in this fight together. 

As John Legend states. 

“We got to fight for love, love, love.” 

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