We Dive Deep With Jose Alvarez’s The Gaze Of The Sea

ABTV Latino dives deep into Mexican docu-feature Los Ojos Del Mar (“The Gaze of The Sea”), which was directed by Jose Alvarez  & executive produced by Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu

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Posted On: May 21, 2020 4:00pm pst

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ABTV Latino Presentamos: Los Ojos Del Mar (“The Gaze of The Sea”)

Hola Mexico Film Festival showcases some of Mexico’s best past films and does not disappoint! Executive produced by Alejandro Gonzales Inarritu ( Birdman” ), the docu-feature, Los Ojos Del Mar” (“The Gaze Of The Sea”) directed by Jose Álvarez, takes the viewers on a journey to find closure from past tragedy. The film begins with an introduction to Hortencia Perez Rocha, a local prostitute, or as they like to call her, “La Morena. Her troubling past reemerges when she is forced to deal with the death of the fishermen who died on the Blackfin during a trip to the Golf of Mexico. 

Credit: Xerbtv.com

The families are haunted by the memories of that day. Even though they’re aware their loved ones have passed; they pray that they will return. This docu is filled with tokens of love, grief and memories running as deep as the ocean that swallowed up these men. The local fishermen and families unite to remember those they mourn, using faith and old traditions. La Morena embarks on a  journey of releasing the souls trapped at the bottom of the deep sea, while looking for redemption and closure to her past childhood pain. Somehow through this tragedy she also brings peace to the victims’ families. With the help of a Chaman (who is believed to have power over the rain and ocean), Yemaya (the Mermaid Ocean Mother Goddess) and God, they are able to say their final farewells. 

Credit: Instagram @somospiano

Los Ojos Del Mar is universal, no matter what part of the equator we live on, we can all relate. We have all felt pain, loss, regret and we have held on to things that did not serve us. Life is about lessons, and pain resurfaces in the most unusual way, but like La Morena once said, “ No human being in the world likes pain, it’s just the life we got to live.” 

Credit: Instagram @somospiano


You can watch Los Ojos Del Mar, for 24 hours on their virtual website on May 29th for only $4.99. Be sure to check all of  their other amazing films!

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