Was AGT’s Amanda LaCount Shamed By Judge Heidi Klum

Was America’s Got Talent’s body positivity activist and dancer Amanda Lacount shamed by judge Heidi Klum on AGT auditions?

Megan Gallagher

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Posted On: June 12, 2020 6:33 pm pst

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Last night, America’s Got Talent (season 15, ep 3), had their third round of auditions. One of the brightest personalities on the show was dancer, body positivity activist and influencer, Amanda LaCount. Amanda is a 19 year old force of power and positivity. LaCount started off her audition by sharing with the judges how much the moment meant to her. With her mother backstage, a montage started playing of her childhood and the road to her dreams. Wearing a bright red fur coat, with a matching red long sleeve and black leggings, LaCount started her choreographed dance to Todrick Hall’s, “Nails Hair Hips Heels”. 

She strutted her way around the stage, dropping into the splits and twirling her hair. Her confidence could be felt through the tv screen, and she quickly became an audience favorite. Between the camera panning from Amanda’s face to her mother’s facial reaction backstage, it was one of the best episodes I personally have seen. Halfway through the routine, one of the judges, Heidi Klum, gave her response with the big red X. 

Amanda ended her performance on the ground in a dramatic “fame” pose and the audience gave her a standing ovation that left her smiling ear to ear. As the judges gave their response (right to left), Simon Cowell adored Amanda, Sofia Vergara was her biggest fan and same with Howie Mandel. Yet Klum wasn’t game. The audience speculated Klum was body shaming LaCount, who on her instagram, has been very vocal about her journey with body love, to her 260k followers. 

Megan also recently had Amanda on her podcast, Reaching New Heights, where Amanda described her journey to becoming this inspirational dancing sensation. “My mom would have to take me to the dance studio, to pick up my older sisters, and I would always just stare through the window or bounce up and down to the music. She recognized that that was a sign I wanted to be in there with them…so she enrolled me in my first dance classes. I was only two years old, so I wasn’t in there expressing my emotions- but there was just something about it that I loved”. (2:34) 

(Listen to Megan’s Podcast Episode with Amanda)

In the end, LaCount was a crowd favorite and Simon, Sofia and Howie all gave her the “yes” she needed to excel to the next round. Although the audience assumed Heidi Klum was body shaming, Klum stated she felt the dance was, “ not a million-dollar act” (3:05). Regardless of the supermodel’s opinion, LaCount is on to the next round! Can’t wait to watch to follow along with Amanda’s Journey.



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