Walking Dead Producer Greg Nicotero Talks Creepshow Season 2, Coronavirus Impact On Production & the hardest The Walking Dead Character To Kill Off

Written by: Benny Adams – May 12th, 2020 7:00am pst


Greg Nicotero is proving he’s a force to be reckoned with in the entertainment business. 

From creating the most mind-bending creatures, to taking fans on horrific yet thrilling adventures through his projects; It seems Nicotero has earned the name, “The Prince Of Horror”

The Producer was a guest on AfterBuzz TV where he talked about all things The Walking Dead and the second season of his hit series Creepshow.

“I’m going to be honest with you. I’m loving every story, I’m directing 2 of the six episodes, and every single script I would want to shoot,” explained Nicotero while talking about what to expect for season 2 of Creepshow. “There are some great stories, there’s one, it’s so funny that I laughed out loud, because it’s just so weird, and it was one of the first stories that I read.” 

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The show, which premiered in 2019 on the Streaming Service Shudder, is based on the 1982 film Creepshow, which was made by George A. Romero and Stephen King.

Since its debut it’s received rave reviews, with Rotten Tomatoes giving it a 96 percent rating. 

Nicotero said he put a lot of pressure on himself in order to make the series into what it is today. 

“I didn’t feel pressure from other people saying this better be good, I put all of that pressure on myself. I knew that Creepshow was a huge brand, I knew that the fans were very dedicated to it, I knew that they were going to hold what I did up to a microscope.”

Now that Creepshow has proven to be a success, fans just want to know when the second season will premiere. 

Because of the Coronavirus outbreak, production was halted on many shows, including Creepshow

“We were 24 hours away from shooting, the sets were built, the first episodes were cast, costume fittings had happened, we were ready to go, we were supposed to start principal photography March 16th, and on March 13th we went on Pause.’ Nicotero explained. “ As soon as things become safe enough for everyone to comfortably go back in the world we’re ready to go.” 

Another show Nicotero works on that Coronavirus affected is The Walking Dead. Due to the virus there was some work that remained unfinished, causing the season 10 finale to air on a later date than planned.

“It’s a really dense episode, we saw where we ended up at the end of episode 15, and they released the first couple of minutes of episode 16, and it’s a great episode.” 

Since The Walking Dead’s debut, many fan favorite characters have met their demise , but there’s one character in particular that Nicotero had a hard time killing off. 

Photo Credit: AMC

“Glenn without a doubt. I directed the episode and I was very proud of the work that I did. It’s still so brutal and so hard for me to watch that episode knowing what a great character Glenn was. Explained Nicotero.  “Going back in time would I have wanted Glenn’s character to go? Probably not, because I felt like it was a character that really did alot for the show, but that was the course that we took.”   

Another popular character of the series is none other than Rick Grimes, and many fans have been awaiting his return to the big screen in the much anticipated Walking Dead film.

Photo Credit: AMC

Nicotero could not say much on the project, but did confirm he is involved.

Season 1 of Creepshow will be available on Blu Ray, DVD, and On Demand May 19th. 

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