Vine Stars Rediscovered on TikTok; Andrew Bachelor (King Bach), Amanda Cerny, Marcus Johns, Cameron Dallas, & Nash Grier

Written by: Chelsie Overocker – April 22nd, 2020 11:55am pst


TikTok has taken the COVID-19 quarantine period to a new level. TikTok has delivered entertainment to many homes that we never knew we needed. From spending hours learning new dances to convincing those you’re self-distancing with to tolerate your TikTok asks – one thing is for sure… TikTok is for everyone. 

And while TikTok’s algorithm does an excellent job at providing entertainment without much effort on the users part, you might still find yourself wondering who is worth a follow.

Before TikTok and Instagram Video, we had Vine, which was an app that allowed users to create a six second long video that looped together clips. That’s where the term “do it for the vine” became popular. 

Credit: Wired

By December 2015, the app had 200 million active users and it was a great platform for artists to share their creativity. As the app continued to grow so did their “Vine Stars” who were able to entertain users within 6 seconds and gain millions of followers and likes. 

Even though we no longer have the original Vine app and  can’t upload new content. The “Vine Stars” are now on Tik Tok. We have listed five of the biggest names and explained why you should be following them onTikTok (if you haven’t already). 

Our first Vine Star is Andrew Bachelor aka “King Bach”. He earned 19 million followers and over six billion loops. 

Credit: The Hollywood Reporter

It was probably because he could impress us with his backflips. Come on you know the popular saying. 

“That BackFlip though…”  

Credit: YouTube

After Vine, Batch is still keeping himself busy. He starred in Netflix’s Rom-Com To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before, The Babysitter and more. 

Credit: Netflix

At the beginning of this year Bach tweeted that his goal for 2020 was to be TikTok famous. 

Looks like Bach is achieving that goal. Right now he currently has 15.8 Million followers and his goal is 16 million! Let’s help him get there! 

Credit: King Bach’s TikTok

Bach is also not forgetting about his Vine family where he has posted videos with other Vine celebrities like Amanda Cerny. 

Make sure you’re following King Bach on TikTok and who knows?  He might repost his famous backflip video (fingers crossed). 

Speaking of Amanda Cerny, she posted a lot of Vine videos with Josh Peck [Drake and Josh] on creating content about ideal relationships…  

Our personal favorite is of them two taking “couple” photos together. Guys should know by now the photo only counts if the girl looks good, regardless of what the guy looks like. 

Credit: YouTube

Amanda is still continuing social media success and currently has 2.83million subscribers on her YouTube channel. She is creating videos with her boyfriend (Johannes Bartl) about their relationship and engaging with her fans on Youtube Live videos. 

Follow Amanda on TikTok as she is creating cool dance videos while walking up the upstairs.

Credit: Amanda Cerny’s TikTok

We all wish we could walk up the stairs like this. We’re going to rewatch this TikTok many times so we can get this skill mastered! 

Another Vine star that everyone loves is Marcus Johns. He was known for not liking (cue high note) “SAUCES” or yelling “Sometimes I just don’t care.” 

But overall our favorite vine is when he is teaching his fans how to camp like a pro…

“Alright, we’re already set up for camp. We got our fire right here, marshmallows here, tent is already set up starting on fire…fire!” 

Ok so we might not take Marcus’s suggestions on camping, but he knows how to make his users laugh. 

Marcus also created many Vine videos with his brother Cody Johns and wife Kristen Johns who both earned a big following on their own social media. 

Marcus and Kristen are residents in LA and are always sharing photos of their adorable Golden Retrievers (Camper and Honey).  

You need to keep up with Marcus on TikTok, because not only is he creating new content, but he is also reposting his old vine videos! Thank you Marcus! You just made our quarantine better. 

Cameron Dallas was also a fan favorite on Vine and collaborated in a lot of videos with Nash Grier.

Who can forget the time they were in the car together with Nash, giving Cameron “directions” on when he should turn. 

Credit: Youtube

Let’s be honest we always have that one friend that doesn’t give the best directions. Cameron and Nash nailed it with this Vine. 

Currently, Cameron is working on his music and recently released his single, “Helpless.” He also has a Netflix show called “Chasing Cam” which is an overview about how his life has transformed after becoming famous through Vine. 

While we are still quarantined and you’re looking for something to keep you entertained, you should check out Cameron’s story (It started with a Lie) on the Episode app (a mobile storytelling network where your choices decide the path of the story). 

Credit: Episode App

If you loved Cameron’s Vines then you will love him on TikTok. Our favorite right now is with his girlfriend (Madisyn Menchaca) where they are reenacting a scene from The Emperor’s New Groove–Ak7sHjVP/?igshid=r88yfma8yq0g

“Pull the lever Kronk…Wrong Lever!…Why do we even have that lever?”  

We’re still watching this video over and over. Amazing editing! Good job Cameron and Madisyn! 

The final Vine star is Nash Grier. Not only did fans love his blue eyes, but his Vine videos with his adorable little sister Skylynn Elizabeth Floyd who also gained a big following on the app. 

When we think of Nash and Skylynn, it takes us back to when they are singing Royals in the car.   

Credit: YouTube

“We’ll never be royals….you can call me green beans….green beans?” 

We all were looping this vine over and over. Who else loves Sklynn’s pink sunglasses? 

Or when these two are singing “Boom Boom Boom.”

Credit: Youtube

“They try to copy my swagger” 

Let’s admit we liked this song 10 times better after watching Nash and Skylynn perform this. 

Today Nash has settled down and started a family of his own. He has a son with his girlfriend [Taylor Giavasis} and is enjoying life as a father.

We love this Nash and your son even has your blue eyes! 

Follow Nash on TikTok because he is sharing videos of his cute family and life as a father. 

Credit: Nash Grier’s TikTok

Make sure you are keeping up with all your favorite vine stars on social media and TokTok. Keep tuning into Afterbuzz TV News and our aftershows for the most up to date news and information.

About The Author:

Chelsie Overocker is a host for AfterBuzz TV. She grew up in Denver, Colorado and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in communications and marketing.

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