Victoria Konefal, Robert Scott Wilson, & Lucas Adams Joined AfterBuzz TV’s Dishin ’Days

Days of Our Lives stars; Victoria Konefal, Robert Scott Wilson, and Lucas Adams check in with fans to discuss Netflix’s To Hot Too Handle, shower scenes, and tricks to drying your hair on AfterBuzz TV’s Dishin’ Days

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Posted On: April 30th, 2020 3:35pm pst

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ABTV Days Of Our Lives Weekly

AfterBuzz TV’s Dishin ‘Days continues their quarantine check-ins with the stars from Days of Our Lives and this week have Victoria Konefal [Ciara Brady], Robert Scott Wilson [Ben Weston], and Lucas Adams [Tripp Dalton]. 

Fans were excited to see Cin reunite again and have Lucas join the show. We all miss having Tripp on Days

Both Victoria and Rob joined Dishin Days first to let everyone know how they are holding up. 

“I wish I could tell you that something has changed, but not much has changed. I’ve been writing a lot of music and working with different music producers.” Victoria explains, “I’ve been talking about it for years now, that I’m gonna put out a song…now there’s no excuse.”

That’s awesome, Victoria. Let us know when you are ready to release that song. Dishin’ Days will give you a shout out! We’re also secretly hoping that maybe Victoria and Olivia Rose Keegan [Claire Brady] might team up and release a duet together in the near future. 

Dishin’ Days switched over to Rob and asked what he has been doing during quarantine. 

“I’ve been working on my music too…I’ve been singing real loud in the shower. I think it’s coming along good. I’ll put something out real soon.” [laughs]

Robert Scott Wilson, you got us fans really excited there for a moment! Cinners would LOVE to have a scene where Ben is singing to Ciara. 

Better yet have Ben and Ciara sing a few songs together like they did with Brady Black [Kyle Lowder] and Chloe Lane [ Nadia Bjorlin], reenacting scenes from The Sound of Music

What do you think Cinners..are we on board for this? 

“I’ve been hanging out watching a lot of Netflix, a little bit of reading here and there,” Rob states, “a little bit of writing on some stuff that I put down a long time ago..try to stay busy as I can.”   

That’s great that you’re able to work on projects and continue your writing! Let us know when you’re ready to share your work. Us fans would love to read what you have written. 

Dishin’ Days was curious about what shows Rob was watching on Netflix. Right now Tiger King and Too Hot To Handle seems to be everyone’s top choices to binge. 

“I didn’t do Too Hot To Handle yet but that’s on that’s on the back burner.” 

As soon as we mention Too Hot To Handle, Victoria immediately jumps up. 

“These people are wilding! You all know the premise right? Let me just say ‘where’s my money?’” [laughs]. 

For those of you who are not familiar with Too Hot To Handle, they bring in all of these good looking single people to teach them to create genuine connections instead of their usual flings. If contestants engage in any sexual contact during the retreat, the prize money would decrease, starting at $100,000. 

Yeah, we’re with Victoria.  Where is our money? 

“I took a couple of days off from working out because I was tired…I watched one episode, my ass got right back up and started working out for four hours straight.” Victoria admits,“I’m like nope, I’m not about to watch all of these hot people prancing around in front of me while I’m looking like a potato..if you need motivation, watch Too Hot To Handle.” [laughs]

Victoria we don’t think you could ever look like a potato, but thanks for giving us the suggestion. We all could use some motivation to help us want to work out while we are quarantined. 

Alright Rob, you now need to add this show to your Netflix list. 

“If there was ever a time I’m going to be caught dead watching that I guess it’s right about now. “Rob states,”I’ll give it a run.” [laughs]

Dishin’ Days suggested that Rob can watch one episode then post one of his “thirst trap” photos and tag the cast of Too Hot To Handle

“The thirst traps are gonna be down to a little bit of a dull roar, I think, because I also put on the quarantine 15, I feel.” Rob admits. 

We don’t think Rob and Victoria know what quarantine 15 really looks like. Seeing them through Zoom this past Sunday they both look great,  but if they feel like they need to work out more maybe they will be open to doing another work out video together during IG live. 

Dishin’ Days would like to call it the “Corona Snatch”..but we advise you not google this. 

Moving on, Dishin’ Days hinted that there was a special guest coming on making it a “loft” reunion. 

“It can’t be Liv. She would have told me about it!” Victoria states. 

As soon as Lucas Adams shows up on Zoom, Victoria throws her arms up. 


Looking at Rob and Victoria’s facial expression fans can tell they miss working with him. Us fans miss seeing Lucas on the canvas as well. 

Credit: NBC

We really wish we would have brought cereal to this Zoom party so Rob could sit there and eat some. 

Fans, remember the scene when Ciara invites Ben to stay at the loft with her, Tripp, and Claire? Ben decided to make himself at home and eat cereal in front of him. 

Credit: NBC

“Do you want me to grab some?” Rob asks

Yes, Rob, go get some cereal!

‘Cinnamon Toast Crunch,” Victoria adds. 

That does sound good! Cinnamon Toast Crunch was one of our favorites! 

Dishin’ Days asked what Lucas has been doing during quarantine. 

“I’m doing pretty good. I’m kind of a homebody in the first place and I can stay productive mostly. I have a whole workout section now that I did in here and then I have my video games and trying to read more…I’ve been reading a lot of comic books.”

Dishin Days wanted to know Lucas has been reading aside from comic books. 

Credit: Barnes & Noble

Fight Club. It’s fantastic! A lot of books I’ll read in 2 seconds.Then some of them I’ll read for a little bit here, a little bit there then I’ve sat down for like 15 minutes and I’ve been reading for at least 10 of those 15 minutes. That’s pretty good for me so I’m gonna go,” [laughs]   

That’s cool Lucas that you like to read throughout the day and now is the perfect time to do it!

“I just finished The Odyssey today. That was a good one and it was narrated by Ian McKellen, so I was really excited about that!” Lucas adds. ‘

Wow! That’s impressive Lucas, great choices. Let us know what comics you’re reading. We’re sure fans would want to know!

Dishin’ Days mentions Jimmy Fallon reenacting scenes from Days of Our Lives and calling them, “The Longest Days of Our Lives”. Fans would love to have Cin on the show and possibly recreate a virtual shower scene.  

Victoria Konefal talked about the intimate shower scene she shot with Rob when she came on for a one on one interview with Dishin’ Days. 

Credit: NBC

“I have a hose in my backyard we can make do with that.” Victoria states. 

“Just tell me when!” Rob adds

Fans (including us) loved the follow up scene when Ciara and Ben are needing to get ready fast and decide to take another shower to save “time” in the morning. 

Credit: NBC

“Cin is very environmentally friendly,” Rob states. 

Another reason why we love Cin: they have many cute moments and they care about the environment! 

Victoria was honest when she guested with Dishin’ Days by herself that a shower scene looks wonderful to shoot but in reality it’s very difficult. 

Rob chimes in.

“No she was great. My main concern was just making sure she was comfortable…as long as she was good everything else will fall into place.” 

We love how these two have respect for each other and it shows on camera. 

Credit: NBC

While being quarantined, Lucas admits that he is tempted to try something different with his hair.  

“I’ve been so tempted on buzzing my hair multiple times during this quarantine.” 

Rob nods his head agreeing. 

“I have every thought go through my mind during this quarantine. I was like (A) buzz it. (B) bleach it ..which is still on the table.” 

Lucas explains that his girlfriend (Shelby) has been begging to give him a haircut. 

“Shelby wants to give me a haircut which I’m nervous about, but might trust her with at one point,” 

If this happens please record Shelby cutting your hair Lucas and post it on IG; us fans would love to see this! 

“Here’s a tip if you want to do something adventurous with your hair, but not too can dye it with Kool-Aid.” Victoria adds, “this is something I would do in high school!”

Good tip, Victoria.Thanks! With Kool-Aid you can dye your hair different colors. Bringing up old memories, Rob shared what type of hairstyle he rocked when he was younger.  

“I was in middle school. I remember doing the highlights..frosted tips…you name it. I thought I was something fresh.” [laughs].  

We’re sure you did look fresh, Rob, and someday we would love to see Ben’s nephew David rock this look.

Lucas laughs as he nods his head. 

“I had either the spiky hair where you can poke your hands with it or it was spiked in the front…it was like Proto Zoa from Zenon,” [laughs]

Credit: Disney

Oh, we’re down with that look and it reminds us of our childhood. 

“Zoom, Zoom, Zoom. Make my heart go Boom, Boom. My supernova girl.” 

Shout out to Kirsten Storms who played Belle Black when she was a teenager. 

Before everyone signed off, Dishin’ Days asked both Victoria and Rob to describe in one word what happens with Cin next. 

“Pendulum.” Victoria states.

“One word to describe..there’s just so’s tragedy and triumph. I’m giving you two words” Rob adds. 

Well take it, Rob and Victoria! You hear that Cinners expect pendulum, tragedy, and triumph. 

Credit: NBC

Thank you Victoria, Rob, and Lucas, for joining Dishin’ Days and letting fans know what you have been up to during quarantine! If any of you decide to dye your hair or bring back the spikey hair let us know! Fans, make sure you are following them on social media! 

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