Bucs TE Rob Gronkowski and Camille Kostek Guest on Venus Williams’ Instagram Live #CoachVenus Workout Series

Written by: Haley Graves – April 24th, 2020 2:40pm pst


Three-time Super Bowl Champion Rob Gronkowski is coming out of his short-lived retirement to play for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 2020. And who better to get the NFL tight end back in shape than tennis legend Venus Williams. 

Williams hosts live workouts every day on Instagram through her #CoachVenus series. She’s not only doing these workouts to motivate those at home, but also to keep herself in shape since her own season has been suspended until July. 

The tennis star has done workouts with actresses Amy Schumer where the comedian used champagne as her weights of choice to the sensational model and actress Naomi Campbell. 

Next up on the list was Gronkowski, who joined Williams on Friday. Fans were also pleased to see Gronk’s girlfriend Camille Kostek, a former Sports Illustrated model, join the party. 

The two athletes chalked it up before they started the workout, where Gronk admitted, “[Retirement] was a much needed break… I felt like I was pretty worn down.” 

However, he went on to say that he was feeling good during his year off, but the “competitiveness is always going to be in [him], it’s going to be there for life.” 

Williams, who is part-owner of the Miami Dolphins, didn’t hold back when expressing her respect for the NFL star. “I’m a huge fan of yours and Tom [Brady], you guys are on another level.” She continued to acknowledge where Gronk was coming from regarding his return to the game before admitting, “I’m rooting for you.” 

Lastly, the two reminisced on their most extreme celebratory moments. Gronk recounted a time in college at the University of Arizona where him and his teammates decided to jump off a roof into a pool at a party. He admitted, “It wasn’t for a championship or anything. We just won a regular game, but it was safe. We were safe.” 

Meanwhile, Williams said she wanted punches to the stomach – yes, cause that feels great (said no-one ever). She continued to ask for the punches and then just threw trash cans around. The two sports legends bonded over the feeling of breaking things after a big win. 

Finally, about 20 minutes into the live stream, the workout began. Gronk was up first. He planned three separate “football” drills for three rounds to time. 

First up was the “side juke”. Although, Williams could definitely use some help with her stiff arm as Gronk shouted at her, “GET THAT KNEE UP!” She also admitted needing help with trash talk because in tennis, it’s proper to be polite and encouraging on the court. 

Credit: Venus Williams’ Instagram.

The final two exercises of Gronk’s rounds were fast feet with a jump and squats with a twist. 

Now, it was the tennis legend’s turn to determine which focused workouts they would do – which involved basically a lot of quick movements and jump lunges. 

Gronk decided to bring out the ultimate flex by using his TWO Lombardi Trophies as accessories to the workout while Venus joked, “that must be a heavy burden to use those.” 

Credit: Rob Gronkowski’s Instagram.

To top off the final set of #CoachVenus’ workout, she brought out her two U.S. Open trophies. 

The duo then dove into talking shop. Gronk gave chilling details about playing in five Super Bowls, while asking Williams which tournament was an equivalent. 

“The Olympics,” she quickly answered. 

Williams went on to explain that she considers the Olympics are the upper echelon of tournaments because only four players can go from your country. She goes on to tell Gronk that she’s been to five Olympics and won four gold medals to one silver. 

To wrap up the workout, model Camille Kostek hops in to conduct some Zumba, dance cardio. So while you can get in a solid, sweaty workout, and learn about two of the best to ever play at their respective sports, you can also appreciate that not everyone,depsite their other aptitudes, is musically inclined. 

Rob Gronkowski and Venus Williams may be stellar athletes, but watch until the end to determine their dance skills. 

All in all, this is something you can look forward to witnessing every day from Venus Williams Instagram account with a new guest every day at 12pm ET. Additionally, Williams is giving 20% off her fitness line Eleven by Venus using codes: COACHVENUS and STAYHOME. 

The link in her Instagram bio gives you all the additional information needed. 

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