Vanessa Bryant’s New Tattoos and Support for #BlackLivesMatter

Vanessa Bryant shares video of new tattoos featuring messages from Kobe and Gianna Bryant and expresses useful steps to make a difference in the world 

Toree Weaver

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Posted On: June 12th, 2020 6:39pm pst

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As the country continues to face global and national issues, it is important to find hope any way you can. Over the first half of 2020, we have all experienced unfortunate events. One of these tragedies was the loss of NBA legend Kobe Bryant and his bright-smiled daughter Gianna. Their lives continue on today through their family and fans across the world.  

Wife and mother, Vanessa Bryant ensures that her loved ones are remembered for their loving spirits and dedication. Recently, she shared Gianna’s eighth grade graduation announcement and expressed how proud she was of her daughter’s accomplishment. As we push through the year, it can feel inappropriate to celebrate our achievements or highlight the positive things happening in our lives. While some of us struggle with this thought, Vanessa’s post reminds us that recharging and finding things that make you happy, are important when trying to make a change. Sometimes the strength we need to face our toughest battles, can be found in ourselves and/or our loved ones.  


As there are posts made every day to highlight Kobe and Gianna’s success, Vanessa immortalized the love they shared by getting tattoos. In Instagram posts, Vanessa announced the sweet messages she received from Kobe and Gianna, were transferred to her skin back in February. The pieces are located on her wrist and down her neck and shoulder. We know that their family was known for sharing kind words, so we can only imagine the heartfelt quotes she chose. 

Vanessa Bryant’s Instagram

While speaking at their memorial on February 24th at the Staples Center, Vanessa shared how amazing the two were at making her feel loved. 

“He was thoughtful and wrote the best love letters and cards, and Gigi had his wonderful ability to express her feelings into paper and make you feel her love through her words. She was thoughtful like him,” she said. 

Speaking of powerful words, Vanessa shared some comments on the Black Lives Matter movement. As she posted a picture of Kobe Bryant wearing a shirt that read “I can’t breathe,” she encouraged people to “share and embrace the beautiful qualities and similarities we all share as people.” Her message also guided parents to have important and tough conversations with their children. She emphasized her thoughts with a post stating that the healing we want to see in the world, starts in our hearts and homes. In addition to these impactful messages, Vanessa posted a black square to participate in the #blackouttuesday movement that took over social media. While she didn’t include a caption, her solidarity and participation spoke volumes. 

The strength that this family possesses has been an inspiration to millions across the globe. Though so many are suffering from losses, Vanessa continues to shine light on the abundance of positivity we are left with. Similar to Kobe and Gianna Bryant, the words of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and Ahmaud Arbery will live on forever.   

We look forward to celebrating more accomplishments and carrying on the legacy of Kobe and Gianna. If you love The Bryants, like we do at AfterBuzz TV, then follow along every week for the newest updates as we remember the life of Kobe Bryant and stay up-to-date with Vanessa, Natalia, Capri and Bianka Bryant. 

AfterBuzz TV will continue to cover the latest events around the country and justice for George Floyd. Make sure to share this article with a friend to keep the names of Floyd and other innocent Black people alive. 

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