Vanderpump’s Scheana Shay Debuts Boyfriend Brock Davies to Andy Cohen on WWHL, Shares Details of Her New Relationship In Quarantine

Written by: Jane Johnson – April 23rd, 2020 4:46pm pst


If you’ve been watching Scheana Shay’s YouTube channel and listening to her podcast, then you know that she has been dating her boyfriend Brock Davies for six months. And now, she just debuted the relationship to Andy Cohen and the Bravoverse on Watch What Happens Live

Credit: What Happens Live

For any Bravolebrity, introducing your significant other to Andy is a huge relationship milestone! When Andy asked Brock how long he and Scheana have been together, Brock responded, “About 6 months. I feel like in quarantine that’s like, a year and a half.” He said that it’s even sexier to be in a new relationship in quarantine, because they’ve tried some exciting stuff to spice things up. “Why not? By the fireplace, with a nice little rug. It’s pretty good.”

It seems that these two are a match made in heaven! While Andy called out that Scheana’s reputation on the show is being a little clingy, Brock said “I like the attention I get from her. So I’m into it.” He shared the same sentiment regarding her vlogging, saying, “I’m into it. I think it’s great for her.” 

And while Scheana may not have gotten him an apple watch just yet, she has gifted him some airpods. Which is so cute, considering they met at a music festival in San Diego! He can also use his airpods while staying in shape, since he’s the owner of F45 gym and a successful personal trainer. 

For all of the exclusive details on their relationship, check out Scheana’s latest YouTube video:

Do you stan this relationship? I know I do! I’m so happy for our girl Scheana and Brock. Let me know if you’re shipping them too in the comments, and don’t forget to subscribe for more Vanderpump News Daily. 

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