Vanderpump Rules Editor Admits Editing Scheana Shay In Most Embarrassing Way

Vanderpump Rules editor Bri Dellinger admits to playing favorites while editing episodes of the hit reality show and clarifies that OG Scheana Shay is most certainly not her favorite, says she specifically enjoys editing Scheana a certain way 

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Posted On: May 12th, 2020 7:56pm pst

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Vanderpump Rules editor Bri Dellinger goes on The Twist Plot podcast with host Evelyn Marley to spill secrets of what it’s like editing episodes of the hit reality show, known as Vanderpump Rules. Dellinger shares what it’s like editing for such a popular show and how she is able to manipulate the “characters” of the show to play into certain storylines. She also admits that while doing this she is also able to play favorites, and while she doesn’t clarify who her favorite is, (we all know it’s Stassi) she does make it known who her least favorite is. And that would be the OG, first episode, first scene, the girl who started it all, Scheana Shay. Dellinger goes on to talk about how her favorite thing to do while editing it to take all the clips of Scheana and completely humiliate her while editing #pumprules. Dellinger continues to say “If Scheana knew what was good for her, she’d befriend me because my favorite game is finding all of the embarrassing things that Scheana does and putting them all in..”.

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It’s no secret to fans watching that Scheana isn’t always shown in the best light. I mean her scenes are probably the most cringiest out of all the cast members on the show, but now it makes sense why. Don’t get me wrong, I do believe Scheana gives the editors enough material while filming to make her look a certain way, but the fact that there is an editor out there manipulating situations to make her look even worse…that is even crazier!?! The whole situation just seems a little unfair to Scheana. How could an editor have this much power? Why should Scheana have to kiss this editors a** to get a good edit? I am also curious what this “Bri Dellinger” has against Scheana that she cares that much to make sure Scheana looks so bad on the show? It’s one thing to edit some embarrassing clips on Scheana from time to time, but she should be doing that to all the cast members, then. Why point out Scheana specifically? And who does she think she is saying that Scheana should go out of her way to be nice to her for a good edit? Sorry guys, but I am outraged!! This editor should be fired… 

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The tv editor also continues on in the podcast, saying that in regards to Scheana’s claims that she feels they don’t show any of her good sides or the work she’s been doing,  Dellinger explains that they have shown Scheana’s music career, marriage, and this season they have highlighted the freezing of her eggs. Dellinger says “I understand why she’s bitter in some ways. you know, we do poke fun at her, but she’s just so funny.” Possibly this could be lighthearted and the editors are just trying to make a funny reality show, so I’ll play devil’s advocate for a hot second, but, the fact that Dellinger insists that the #pumprules stars should be nice to her to receive a good edit, is really what is throwing me off here. I also need to share that this podcast interview has since been deleted!! There is no explanation as to why it’s been deleted yet, but I am assuming that Dellinger spoke too much and could be in trouble with Bravo because of it. But, that’s just my take on why the interview was deleted. Time will tell. 

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Scheana has not publicly responded to the podcast, but she has been going OFF on twitter since deleted tweets, one of them being “@andy I have some tea for you”. I am assuming Scheana was the one who found this interview and brought it to Andy and Bravo’s attention. Time will tell if this editor still has a job. 

What do you guys think!? Do you think that a reality tv editor should have that much power over what’s shown or do you think it’s an accumulation of editors and producers all conspiring to make Scheana look bad? Or am I just dramatizing this and this whole situation is just to make light hearted reality tv humor? Literally could be either or, but if I was Scheana I would be pissed!! LOL.

Thanks for reading and I’ll be back tomorrow with more Bravo tea :)

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