Valentine’s Day 2020 Couples

Written by: Rachel Goodman – February 18th 2020, 10:27am pst

Valentine’s Day may have come and gone in 2020, but we’ve got all the pictures posted from various couples celebrating the day of love. Scroll through for top picks of the cutest couple posts of 2020!

Chidi and Eleanor on The Good Place

credit: Instagram/Kristen Bell

“Just a horndog and her nerd,” Kristen Bell posted on her IG feed on Valentine’s Day. Though Chidi and Eleanor are fictional, after the heartfelt finale of The Good Place, they are a top pick for cutest Valentine’s Day couple. Chidi and Eleanor’s souls may have faded away into the unknown in the final episode, but their love lives on eternally.

Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard

credit: Instagram/Kristen Bell

We couldn’t list Eleanor without listing the real person! Bell, who has been married to Shepard since 2013, first met her future husband in 2007. According to an interview with Today, Bell and Shepard actually broke up after the first three months of dating because of how often they were fighting. Fortunately, they gave it another try, and Shepard proposed to Bell in 2009.

As advocates for equality, the couple decided to wait to actually wed until California had legalized same-sex marriage. In June of 2013, California overturned Prop 8, allowing everyone to marry. Bell and Shephard married in October of 2013.

Two children later, the couple is still going strong. In 2019, they launched Hello Bello together, a collection of plant-based baby products.

Courtney Cox and Johnny McDaid

credit: Instagram/Courtney Cox

Courtney Cox posted a photo of herself with boyfriend Johnny McDaid referring to him adorably as her “one.” The couple has been together since Cox’s 2013 split from David Arquette and had previously been engaged. Though they called off the engagement in 2015, Cox told Ellen DeGeneres their love was stronger than ever, making them proof that a couple doesn’t need marriage to be in love.

On Instagram, Cox has posted various video clips and pictures of herself with McDaid playing music together and simply enjoying life.

Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra

Credit: Instagram/Nick Jonas

Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra posed some loving pictures up on Instagram this Valentine’s Day from Milan, Italy. The much-loved couple first appeared together at the 2017 Met Gala, starting rumors they were officially together. By June 2018, Nick was posting sweet comments on Chopra’s IG photos, and the cat was out of the bag. By August 2018 they were engaged, and they were officially wed in December of 2018.

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