Vagrant Queen’s Adriyan Rae Humbled by Show’s Reception

SyFy’s Vagrant Queen lead actress Adriyan Rae is humbled representing women, people of color & the LGBT+ community in our exclusive interview

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April 27th, 2020 8:10pm pst

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ABTV Vagrant Queen Aftershow: The Adriyan Rae Interview

Being the lead of a series is a lot of pressure. You are essentially the face of the brand. Everything you do, every move you make, you are the representative for that particular show. 


What if that responsibility was stretched even further? What if you are one of the sole representatives for people of color, women and the LGBT+ community for an entire genre? Feeling the stress yet? What if we told you that in addition to all of those things, you are also the representative for an entire galaxy? 

Many people would crack under said pressure. Lucky for us, Vagrant Queen lead actress Adriyan Rae, is just the star-hopping badass queen, who can handle that pressure. 

In our most recent Vagrant Queen Aftershow, our James Maple and Kari Lane got an exclusive interview with Adriyan Rae to discuss this and more! Take a look at the full interview below:

Being a person of color in a mostly white male dominated genre like Science Fiction can come with its own hurdles to overcome. Shows like Firefly, Stargate SG1 and Battlestar Galactica have had people of color as leads as well, but none to the extent of SyFy’s Vagrant Queen. Based on the comic book of the same name, Vagrant Queen  chronicles the life and times of young Elida. Overcoming her own royal hurdles as she travels between the stars, Elida is beginning to come into her own. The show’s lead actress, Adriyan Rae, is going through the same evolution off camera as well.

During our interview Adriyan talks about the importance of her role as Elida, more importantly, as a representative for marginalized people. While we characterize this as pressure, Adriyan inspired us to think a bit differently, she says:

“It’s only pressure if you feel like it’s negative. It doesn’t feel negative at all. So I don’t feel pressure. I’m grateful, I’m very humbled to be a part of this. A part of a movement for and inclusion of color, the inclusion of queer roles, telling all kinds of stories. We’ve had so many of the same stories. For some reason, we’re like yeah that works, that’s fine, WE LOVE IT [sarcastically]. But it’s no different, it’s predictable, you know what’s going to happen. 

I think that representation is so important. Representation matters whether it’s people of color, whether it’s people who are LGBT+. All of these stories help someone look in themselves and see themselves in a character, help them grow as a person. It helps them under different perspectives of different people. Representation is so important in so many ways. I am just so humbled and so honored to be a part of that and help do that.”

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[ SWIPE ] for my new followers: I did cool thing last year that’s airing on @SyFy channel now. Would be super dope for you all to support and show love to #VagrantQueen on Thursday’s 11pm/10c EST. It’s been a journey for sure, one Im grateful to be on. It really is an honor to be on the short list of black female leads in a sci-fi series and apart of the #LGBTQ+ movement for equality. So here’s a still from Episode 5 which was crazy. And swipe to see how the #MannequinChallenge made its way to TV. These thangs are 🔥🔥. Love y’all! Happy Saturday! with love | with light | -A.Rae 🤎🦹🏽‍♀️✨🚀 __________________________________________________ #LoveandLight #AdriyanRae #ARae #StrongBlackLead

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Not only is Adriyan an incredibly talented actress, she’s flawlessly humble. We had not even considered looking at ‘pressure’ through this lens. It is only pressure, negative pressure, if you allow it to be. While perception may indeed be everything, we think reception plays a large role in this as well. In particular, Adriyan’s reception from those who support her most, the fans. 

We all feel it sometimes, like no one is listening. It can feel like the world is against you. In Vagrant Queen’s case, it can feel like several galaxies are against you. We can confirm, however, you are heard. Some of you even have the very pointy ear of royalty. Adriyan discusses this point by describing how she feels receiving fan’s feedback, she says, “When I get messages about how people who are GROWN WOMEN now, they say, ‘You’re portraying the characters I wish I had as a young black gay girl when I was little. I am just so amazed and happy that we have characters like you now.’ That just makes my heart full because that’s why I do this.” Moments like this are what we live for. There is no greater feeling than knowing your craft has helped someone overcome an obstacle.

In an instagram post made by Adriyan herself, she sums this up well. Though this post was from almost a year ago, we still feel like it holds water and applies directly to our current condition.

We think that’s the overall message of Vagrant Queen thus far. The show’s characters often battle between the stars and, even more often, within themselves. No matter how small you may feel, no matter how marginalized things get, “you matter.” Having positive reinforced representation is so important to young people. That in itself is a shared human experience. It’s one thing that connects us all, the warmth of inclusion.

As our lead character Elida takes her physical journey, there is a mental one as well. We are just happy that the story of this Vagrant Queen overlaps with the experience of so many underrepresented people. As the show’s lead noted herself, “You’re important. You’re loved. Your presence on this earth…” or any other planet for that matter, “…makes a difference whether you see it or not.” We could not agree more with you, Adriyan. 

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