Vagrant Queen S1 E5 Recap & After Show with Adriyan Rae: Tremors Vibes & Lots Of Death

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Space, royalty, outlaws, and a rescue mission! It’s the VAGRANT QUEEN AFTERBUZZ TV AFTER SHOW where every week our hosts will be breaking down the episode of this SYFY series. Join us as we get ready to blast off to space every week, plus bringing you a special segment and news and gossip!

Episode Recap

The gang crash lands on Planet Wix and is a little banged up. The vine creature give off Tremors vibes and are quite dangerous! While they make their way to the tomb, we get Issac’s back story regarding what happened to him five years ago. Hath breaks the news that Elida’s mom is not alive and they were just trying to get her there to get the mind controlling device. While in the tomb, poor Dengar sacrifices himself. Lazaro shows up, Krog dies in the unavoidable shoot out, and Hath dies from a cave in but is able to make peace with Elida. It turns out Isaac betrayed Elida but he had good intentions. Lazaro makes off with the device and Elida tells Isaac, “we’re done for good.”
Join Kari Lane and James Maple as they discuss the episode with special guest Adriyan Rae!

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