Upload Star Kevin Bigley Jokes That Good-Looking Co-Star Robbie Amell Doesn’t Fall Into Good-Looking Stereotype

Plus, Kevin shares his favorite Star Wars movie on Star Wars Day, talks all things Upload on Prime, and shares how he’s driving his wife insane so he can stay sane in quarantine!

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Posted On: May 4th, 2020 7:40pm pst

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ABTV Quarantine With The Stars: Kevin Bigley

Kevin Bigley has worked in many exciting roles in film and TV, and many of them have been in the sci-fi genre. Kevin is also such a hilarious and down-to-earth person, so it only makes sense that his newest role is Luke on Prime’s sci-fi comedy Upload.

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This was taken from the car on Sunset Blvd… where no one will see it due to quarantine (which is good, stay safe!) This career is malicious; I remember when my wife and I moved here over a decade ago. We drove up and down Sunset for years after, both inspired by the possibilities, as well as alienated. I’ve bombed auditions and felt like quitting as many times as I’ve felt like I’ve “made it.” Maybe you just never feel secure, I don’t know. Look… it’s a billboard. It’s temporary, and it’s silly. But they plastered this on the same corner that, only ten years ago, I got a phone call that I got hired as a valet and I was ecstatic because we could make it to the next month. And down the street is the casting office where I humiliated myself in front of Chuck Lorre for the reboot of COACH…. No matter what happens with this show, I really loved working with these people and I can’t wait for people to see it… Ebb and flow, you’ll be up and you’ll be down. I guess just try to remember that if you’re down, you’ll be up again, and if you’re up don’t be a dick because the down will come (in its own way). Regardless, hang in. Stay safe everyone and wash your hands. . . .#uploadtv #amazonprime @uploadonprime @amazonprimevideo

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Kevin joined me for a HILARIOUS interview on Star Wars Day, where he joked about how bad his favorite Star Wars movie was, how good looking one of his Upload co-stars is and even how he’s driving his wife insane in quarantine! Check out some of the best moments from our chat below.

Right out of the gate, I wanted to celebrate this fun holiday by finding out what Kevin’s favorite Star Wars film was and Kevin shared that he loves Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace because it’s “hilariously terrible”. Um, Kevin. Did I hear that right?

Thankfully, he explained:

“I would say that would be my favorite because I remember the disappointment. I love all of them and I really like the new stuff and like Rogue One, but what elicited a response was I remembered my confusion coming out of the theater in Episode I.”

After talking about his favorite Star Wars film, which is so bad it’s so good, Kevin also joked that he’s staying sane in quarantine by driving his wife insane!

“I’m a very certain frequency. It’s like if you have the vent above the stove running and you’re kind of anxious and you don’t know why and you shut it off and you’re like oh my god I can breathe! I think that’s my effect on my wife in our marriage. Very recently, she’ll do this thing like if she gets frustrated, she’s doing something almost like a Star Wars thing where she has a power. She’s like URGH! And I’ll be like WHOOSH! Dumb joke, I’m not standing behind it. But I did it the other day, and I’ve done it a thousand times since we’ve been locked down and she just started crying and I’m like ‘why are you crying?’. She was like ‘I’m just so tired of all of your jokes.’ So, I’m having an effect on her”, he shared with a laugh.

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When our upload finally finished, we started talking about Kevin’s latest sci-fi role in Prime’s Upload. Upload is about the future in 2033, where the rich and privileged have the option to upload themselves into a digital afterlife when they’re on the brink of death. “It’s a very cool, slick show that’s very funny, but there’s also a rom-com element”, he shared.

Speaking of rom-coms, I wish I was in my own rom-com with this show’s lead, Robbie Amell, who plays Nathan alongside Kevin’s Luke. Kevin shared that he wasn’t sure if he was gonna be as big a fan of Robbie as I was, upon their first meeting.

“I didn’t know if I was gonna like Robbie. I’ll be completely honest because he’s just a very attractive man and he plays golf and stuff that I don’t necessarily do. And with attractive people, you never know what you’re gonna get because like someone who’s that classically good-looking, you never know, they could be a total dick.”

Thankfully, this wasn’t the case!

Kevin shared that Robbie is just the best and a great “number one” on the call sheet, and Kevin even shared the sweetest story from his time on set with Robbie.

When Robbie checked in on how Kevin was doing when they started filming, Kevin told Robbie that since the show was shot in Vancouver, he missed out on his favorite American candy, butterfingers. A few days later, Kevin had walked into his trailer to see a butterfinger from Robbie sitting on the counter, which Kevin says was just a “classy, classy move.”

When he’s not hanging out with Robbie Amell in the digital afterlife, you can also catch Kevin on other incredible shows like Undone, and exciting films like The Wretched. In addition to being an actor, Kevin is also a talented producer, composer, and writer as he took on all these hats for Parked in 2017. After successfully writing for TV, Kevin wrote a book, and recently released his first novel Comaville, available for purchase now.

Want to see what Kevin is up to during quarantine and keep up to date on his post-quarantine projects? Use your favorite digital device to find him on Instagram @kevinwbigley, and on Twitter @kevinbigley.

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