Ultimate Tag’s The Ant and The Geek Reveal Their Tagging and Winner Sam DeCristafaro Talks Strategy

AfterBuzz TV Host and Ultimate Tag Competitor Alikona Bradford invites The Ant and The Geek to share what it takes to be a Pro-Tagger while Episode Six Winner, Sam DeCristafaro talks how to avoid being tagged!

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Posted On: June 28th, 2020 12:13 pm pst

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ABTV Loves Ultimate Tag

Now that you’ve become a die-hard Ultimate Tag fan, I’m sure some of you are wondering “how do I get on that show?!” Whether you want to be a Pro-Tagger or their prey, today’s guests share their journeys, which will hopefully inspire one of your own. 

Also, episode six winner, Sam DeCristafaro, who had an incredible all event sweep, shares what her strategy was to take home the “ultimate prize” of ten thousand dollars!

Sam DeCristafaro in Dodge Tag FOX.CR: Michael Becker / FOX. © 2020 FOX Media LLC.

ALIKONA: “Sam, for your particular competition I mean, man, you were juking everybody out. I felt like you went in there was such a strategy and I don’t know if you really did–”

SAM: (Laughs) “I had none!”

ALIKONA: “– but I would love to know! So do share.”

SAM- “I literally was just, like, all right you have all these apparatuses, like you know, you just want to try to keep them and a barrier between me and them. And that’s literally all I tried to do the entire time and just pay the outlast game.  So, and then, like with a little tunnel where I kept, like,  popping in and out. Like-”

OMAR (THE GEEK)  “–That was really smart! That was really smart.”

SAM: “That’s like something I feel kids do on the playground.”

LORENA (ATOMIC ANT):  “Yeah, it’s almost like this is a kids game on TV!…But Sam, you impressed me so much, not just because of your epic hair, but because you played smart. But you were also really good with all the obstacles, which is- you know Omar and I, we’ve known each other for awhile now, we’re both parkour people so that’s what we’re looking at. I was- I’m so impressed whenever I see people like you and Brooke Ence who is the boss who presumably have not done parkour before doing so well on these obstacles especially in Showdown. You were fast in Showdown!”

ALIKONA:” I love that you guys brought up background, so before we really dive into some of these elements, I’d love for you to share with some of our fans how you got onto the show. Especially for the Taggers because, I’m sure there’s people at home watching the show that want to know…”

ULTIMATE TAG: L-R: Host JJ Watt with Tagger Atomic Ant (Lorena Abreu) 
FOX.CR: Michael Becker / FOX. © 2020 FOX Media LLC.

LORENA: “I’ve always been a very hyperactive girl. I’ve always quadruped for no reason, just because I could.  I was really into the Lion King musical when I was, like four. I think I wanted to be like those Lion King puppets on stage. But I didn’t actually start parkour until I was nineteen. I was a whole grown adult person.”

OMAR: “I didn’t know you started that late. Dang! You’re incredible for starting at 19.”

LORENA: “Oh that’s very kind of you Omar, thank you. Um, but, yeah I was in Orlando going to film school and some people said that there was a parkour open gym on Saturday nights, so I went and it became something I did sometimes, to a hobby,  to a full-blown obsession and very thankfully,  something I started getting paid to do because not a lot of girls did that at the time. So yeah, that’s my background.

ALIKONA: But did they call you? How did you find out about the show?

LORENA: “Ohhh! They actually sent me a message through my website. So, I have lorenaparkour.com and literally on the contact form that you don’t think anyone is going to use on your website that says put your name, email, and subject, right? And message. They sent me one of those, some casting agency from England who was a British person who gave me my first Skype interview…”

ALIKONA: “What about you Omar?”

OMAR: “Well, Lorena’s also skipping over the fact that she’s got tons and tons of YouTube videos out there, so she’s very easy to find. She made herself very easy to find and contact.”

LORENA: “That’s true, that’s really key. Yeah.”

ULTIMATE TAG: Tagger “Geek” (Omar Zaki, R) chases Britney
FOX.CR: Michael Becker / FOX. © 2020 FOX Media LLC.

OMAR: “For me, probably pretty similar to Lorena. I did tons of sports growing up, I was mainly a track runner, played volleyball, swimming, soccer, a lot of the mainstream sports. Um, discovered parkour when I was around 16 and took a class, just like Lorena. Um, well she actually went to an open gym, I actually took a structured class.  Um, and I fell head over heels for the sport. And I pretty much started dropping all my other sports left and right just to do parkour… But the gym was kind of expensive and far away, so I started watching a bunch of YouTube tutorials and training with my best friend. We would train once a week, then twice a week, then three times, four times, five times till it was much every single day, started filming ourselves just to see what we could look like and then eventually we uploaded the videos online, not even for other people just for ourselves just to be able to look back at…. and eventually started to think that this could be a career, moved out to Los Angeles in 2016, worked a bunch of gigs since then in addition to establish my YouTube channel which I’ve been working on for around six years now and um, same thing they found me through my website, sent me an email, um, had a Skype interview, and did some in person course testing with them to see how we kinda work on the different courses they had and then ultimately hired us.”

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