Ultimate Tag’s Dynamite and Big Deal Join Episode 7 Winners Kristel Dela Rosa and Emic Kitsen

AfterBuzz TV Host and Ultimate Tag Competitor Alikona Bradford invites Dynamite, Big Deal, and Winners Kristel Dela Rosa & Emic Kitsen to tell all for this exciting episode!

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Posted On: July 10th, 2020 5:42 pm pst

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As AfterBuzz approaches a brief hiatus on aftershows, I was able to squeeze in one last sit-down with my Ultimate Tag Family.  So many fantastic behind the scenes stories and hilarious inner dialogues (thank you Kristel) were shared with us today, and you aren’t going to want to miss it! Here are just a few highlights that will not only inspire you, but maybe even make you laugh. 

Tagger: Big Deal (Austin Sante) CR: FOX. © 2020 FOX Media LLC.

ALIKONA: “You are quite the athlete. I follow you on Instagram- if you guys don’t then follow him then do!  And I love, love that you post your fails as well as your amazing successes. So talk to me about your background and how you even got into posting all those videos.”

AUSTIN (BIG DEAL): “So, uh, geez.  I,I did my first flip okay when I was maybe like three and a half and-“

Alikona- “Oh wow.”

EMIC- “What?!”

AUSTIN:  “Yes, I swear! 1993, The Power Rangers just started airing on TV and I was instantly hooked. The Power Rangers Tommy, Jason, you know Kimberly… Oh my God. If you were watching the Power Rangers-”

YESSENIA(DYNAMITE): “I love Kimberly!”

AUSTIN: (laughs) “And so, uh, that’s what got me hooked. And I started doing backflips on my mom’s couch and she hated it cause, one, it was dangerous and two, I was putting holes in them. So I had to like find another course, which was martial arts and you know it was like we didn’t have YouTube back then so it’s kind of like monkey see, monkey do with movies. Jackie Chan; a huge inspiration, John Claude Van Damme, all the Power Rangers. You know, you name it all those OGs right there and then you know mostly self-taught backyard trampoline you know playing with my buds in the backyard. And it led to, actually in high school I started tramp, cheerleading…I loved moving and flipping and, you know, that was my adrenaline shtick. And once I fell in love with that, I just couldn’t get away from it…I just kept going with it and here we are today. I’m 30 years old and, you know, I’m flipping for a living still and it’s been an absolute blast.”

Competitors L-R: Kristen, Kristel, Kamryn CR: FOX. © 2020 FOX Media LLC.

Alikona: So Kristel, tell me really quick what did you do to prepare for this particular competition and utilizing your background? 

KRISTEL: “So I learned how to flip never.”  (Everyone laughs) “It’s not one of my skill sets. Um, so, um I honestly got thrown into this. I really just thought, like cool I’ll just get on this Skype, you know, casting and see what it’s about. But, I have never played a sport in my entire life.”


KRISTEL: “And, um- never! And I was, like, a classical ballet dancer till I was 18. I did show choir, musical theater, and when I got to college I stopped because I was like, trying to do the right thing and like go to school, like I thought I had to, right?  And then I gained all this weight so at my heaviest I was like, 200 lbs. 7 years ago. And I was like, ‘I can’t live like this anymore I need to dance again,’ because I stopped dancing. And then I lost the weight and then got so passionate about taking group fitness classes that I ended up being an fitness instructor.  And that led to like you know doing HIIT training at different studios. And one of the clients at the gym I was working at was- his boyfriend was Sean, the casting director. And he was like you should get on the show, and I was like I think this is the wrong show cause I’m a dancer. I don’t know anything about parkour, but I was like, ‘sure why not?’ And I remember the first day, like sitting and watching all the female Taggers, and I was like, ‘What the hell did I sign up for? Like, I already signed everything, like do I have to do this?’ But I was only like, ‘You know what?’ Go in with an open mind…”

Above:  Emic, Below: Tagger The Flow CR: FOX. © 2020 FOX Media LLC.

ALIKONA: “Luke lasted, like 8 minutes and 45 seconds, I think. What was it like for you watching him go through Tagger after Tagger [in Dome Tag]? Like, did that build up any anxiety for you knowing you had to go next?”

EMIC: “…I was actually cheering him on the whole time.  Me and Luke were just like, very supportive towards one another. We were just like, ‘hey you did amazing’…But it’s still annoying to see him go all the way to 9 minutes! I was just like, ‘welp here I go!’  And then, out of my luck, I get, you know, The Kid, Rocket, and, uh, La Flair, which all three I follow on Instagram for the past couple years or even more. And I’m just like, ‘Wow my luck is amazing.’ (Laughs)

ALIKONA: “Yeah but, that’s flattering! You know, like the producers, I actually learned last episode from one of the Taggers, that producers started to pair people with Taggers they felt were in the same kinda vicinity of skill level. So the fact that they were sending you all these Pro people in your direction is like–

EMIC: “I was, like really excited because I never got to meet them. I’ve always watched them on Instagram but I’ve never gotten to meet them and, so I’m getting to the Dome and I’m like, sitting there. And I’m like, ‘Do I- do I say something? Do I talk?’ Like, ‘Heyy…I watch your-‘

(Everyone laughs) Like I’m over here fanboying and stuff…”

Tagger “Dynamite” (Yessenia Cossio)  CR: FOX. © 2020 FOX Media LLC.

ALIKONA: “As Taggers, because it was such a great episode and the competition was so good, for you guys, at any point did you get intimidated by some of the people that you were going against on the competition side?”

YESSENIA:” No. So, here’s the thing, we didn’t know a lot about the contestants. They wouldn’t share information about them. So, it’s kind of like a-a-a, like a surprise every time. Because although we wanted to know, okay who we were going up against, all we would do is maybe, like hear from certain people you know ‘Hey, you know this person…’ or whatever, you know. But we didn’t really get any info on them, which I’m glad because as I watched the show I’m like, ‘Oh I would have been so much nicer. I’m glad I didn’t know that.’ Like, ya know, the young lady I went against, um what’s her name? Umm- (snaps her fingers) Uh that we kinda had our thing… Um…then when I heard she was homeless and all that, and I’m like-”

KRISTEL: “Michelle?”

YESSENIA: “Yeah! And I’m like ‘Aww.’ Like, yeah, she had a mouth, but it was all, like, for TV and stuff. Um and the fact that I found out that she was, like homeless and all that- I’m like, I have such a huge heart. Yes Dynamite has a really big heart. And-and I’m like, I wish… I’m so glad we did not know everything that they showed.[In the trailer about the contestants] And I think they did that on purpose because they definitely didn’t want us to, you know, take it easy on anyone. So we did not know who we were going against…”

This is just a sneak peak at all the awesome insider information our guests divulged with AfterBuzz today. For the full interview, tune in on YouTube.


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