Ultimate Tag’s Banshee and La Flair Talk With Season Premiere Winners!

After winning 10 grand, Ultimate Tag winners Lisa Barber and Charlie White face off with Jesse “La Flair” and Carrie “Banshee” Bernans, two of the Pro-Taggers who hunted them down.

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Posted On: May 22nd, 2020 9:38pm pst

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ABTV Loves Ultimate Tag

Imagine the rush of leaping over concrete and metal obstacles with a fierce tagger on your heels with only one mission: Hunt. You. Down. Pretty scary, right? I’ll say. As someone who also competed on the show, I can tell you that every single person that set foot in that arena was insanely fit and talented.

Which is why even back-to-back Gold Medalist Lisa Barber and Charlie White III, Team USA 2019 IHF NORCA Champion, felt the heat and the nerves going into this competition. While being stars in their sports, Ultimate Tag is a parkour athlete’s playground and one to fear when going against the likes of Professional Freerunner and Stuntman Jesse La Flair, and Marvel Actress, Stuntwoman, and Martial Artist Carrie Bernans.

As intimidating as they all seem, everyone was extremely quick to recognize the challenge of the game and each other.  We kicked things of with #WhoILoveToHate, naming the person who is so good, you love to hate them.

AB: “Jesse you look super excited, who do you #LoveToHate?”

JESSE: “All right, straight up, the person I #LoveToHate is Charlie because this highlight reel just keeps popping up all over the Internet of our [Dodge] Tag game where he literally hits a trampoline and jumps over me as I’m reaching up for his tag so for that particular moment and him crushing the course against a lot of our taggers I’m gonna have to say Charlie. I mean love you, but I’d love to hate you too.”

La Flair and Charlie White. FOX MEDIA LLC. Cr: FOX.

When it came to Carrie, the Banshee chose…herself!

CARRIE: “When you watch a series everyone says that they don’t want to get against the Banshee which is AKA my alter ego. I have to admit I’m scary. I scared myself watching TV last night. I was like who the eff is this, you know? It was a lot of fun but, dang I wouldn’t want to go against me either.” 

But, Carrie went on to share that she was also a fan of Lisa : “She’s such a badass with her ways because she’s a track star… I got injured so I couldn’t run, so I would say that she had the career I really wanted but I’m so proud of her and motivated by her.”

Carrie “Banshee” Bernans FOX MEDIA LLC. Cr: FOX.

AB: “The girls were playing pretty rough out there, which I love to see, um, but I think at that point, for me, it felt like your speed came in pretty handy in that particular element. But for you, what was your experience?”

LISA: “Dodge tag was pretty cool, um,  I feel that they didn’t show it that much but I got I was getting, like, clobbered on there…I just had a good time I wish I could go back and just be more aggressive I didn’t really, I didn’t really show how I really am… Again, speed is good here, but I had all these strategies of what I thought I was going to do. But once that ‘3-2-1 tag’ it was like oh wait a minute. “

Jessica, The Atomic Ant, Lisa BarberFOX MEDIA LLC. Cr: FOX.

AB:” Let’s talk about the end, “The Show Down”, because that’s obviously when you’re, like, coming down to the very end of the show and that’s when everyone’s getting tense. There’s $10,000 on the line and it’s you and one other extreme athlete… What’s going on in your mind when you’re scrambling and someone is chasing you?”

LISA:  “…that really does feel like somebody, like, not calling you a pitbull [to Banshee,] but it really feels like ‘they’re coming!’  Like, you’re really scared, like oh my God!  Or like you’re in a Freddy Krueger movie or something and they’re chasing you.  So that’s a different aspect right there and you’re so high up there, you can’t tell how high we are.”

AB: “Charlie, for you, you won all three elements prior to this particular one. So you were already going in there ahead. What was your thought process going through that ,especially watching the other competitor go before you?”

CHARLIE: “ I felt like my reputation was on the line, as far as I was representing the USA Beach Handball Program. I’m not sure if everyone was going to watch a show, but I knew they would remember if I won or not and so I didn’t want to disappoint anybody. But it’s a dream come true. I feel like the universe works in, like, mysterious ways. I had just recently come back from Russia with the team and it didn’t go very well, and I got to compete on this show and to get up there at the top. And to get to look down at the audience,  that moment it was like a dream come true and something I’ll never forget.”

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Watch the Ultimate Tag Aftershow with La Flair, Banshee, Lisa Barber, and Charlie White here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3KqT1nrDKY8&t=497s

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