Actor Trinity Whiteside on Tyler Perry’s Hectic Schedule, Shooting BET’s ‘Sistas’ and ‘The Oval’ at the Same Time

Written by: Nakia Monet – April 10th, 2020 3:28pm pst

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SISTAS on BET has been one the most successful shows on BET this year with a great cast and amazing director, Tyler Perry. The Sistas after show has been blessed to have most of the cast stop by the Afterbuzz TV studios, and this week we were blessed by a visit from actor Trinity Whiteside (who plays Preston on the show). 

Tyler Perry is known to the world as someone who writes, produces and directs his own scripts. It’s been rumored that if you are an actor in any Tyler Perry production, you have a few days to memorize your script because Tyler keeps a tight schedule. Host Nakia Monet asked Trinity how long it takes to shoot an episode.  

Trinity said, “We don’t shoot in episodic order. We have scenes based on location…We do shoot really fast , one hundred odd something pages a day. Season one was 25 episodes, we shot it in 4 weeks. People don’t realize within those 4 weeks we only filmed Monday, Tuesday,  Wednesday because he was shooting the Oval on Thursdays and Fridays, so we only filmed 12 days”

Season one of Sistas is almost at an end, with two more episodes of the season left, and fans are asking,”Will we get a season 2? What will happen to our favorite characters and all their relationships?”

We are super excited for what the future of Sistas holds and we have tons of predictions, but let us know what YOU see coming in a hypothetical season 2. Is Jasmine still alive?  Will Gary go to Jail ? Will Andi and Gary last? Will Dani call Preston? What will become of Sabrina and Calvin? Will Karen and Aaron become a real couple? So many questions…

We’ll all be waiting together to see what happens on the upcoming season finale. Sistas comes on every Wednesday night on BET at 9pm !  

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Nakia Monet is a host, producer, writer, actress, and the unofficial 5th member of the Sex and the City squad. She loves all things entertainment trivia, pop culture, old movies, and Italian food.

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