Trash Talk, Golf & Donations: The Match Sets Tone for Quarantine Era of Live Sports

Tiger Woods and Peyton Manning’s trash talk and golf game prevails over Phil Mickelson and Tom Brady during Capital One’s The Match: Champions for Charity 

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Posted On: May 25th, 2020 5:09 pm pst

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ABTV Celebrities Fighting Coronavirus: The Match: Champions for Charity

Extreme trash-talk, average golf, but millions donated towards COVID-19 relief as Team Tiger-Payton took down Team Phil-Tom at Capital One’s The Match: Champions for Charity on Sunday. 

Between the witty banter and almost painful golf games, viewers were able to feel relatable to four of the biggest athlete celebrities and weren’t shy to recognize this on social media. 

However, this made-for-TV event provided hours of entertainment for sports fans who have gone over two months without live sports, and it was all for a good cause. By the end of the match, $20 million was raised toward COVID-19 relief efforts. 

Country artist Brad Paisley pledged his allegiance for his commercial pal, Peyton Manning saying he was “of course team Peyton”. 

New York Yankees legend, and fiance to Jennifer Lopez, Alex Rodriguez said he was excited to sit on his couch and watch the four legends compete. 

The event started off with both teams taking big swings – and not exactly on the green – at one another. 

Peyton Manning got things rolling as he jokingly states he should’ve brought Eli or Nick Foles to be his caddy. (For any non-football fans, this referred to the only quarterbacks to beat Tom Brady in a Super Bowl). 

Nick Foles joined in on the banter through Twitter tweeting to Peyton, “if Tom and Phil start coming back… ‘Philly Special.’”

The Philly Special is now an iconic reference to the play in Super Bowl LI where Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Nick Foles caught a touchdown pass. 

Tom Brady quickly responded with his own roast to Peyton Manning saying, “Doing pretty good in the rain. I’m impressed. He’s more of a dome quarterback.” 

The two quarterbacks played each other 17 times in the NFL with Tom Brady having won 11 out of those games. 

Although, this was about the extent that Tom Brady would be able to put his money where his mouth is because from here on out, viewers mostly took to Twitter to rejoice in Brady’s golf failings. 

Current NFL quarterback Case Keenum tweeted he was “all in” after Tiger and Petyon were looking for their golf balls in the woods – something many, if not all, golfers have had to do at some point playing the game, professionals and amateurs alike. 

One of the biggest storylines surrounding the NFL this offseason was Tom Brady’s decision to move on from the New England Patriots – where he’s played for 20 seasons – and join the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. 

The Bucs and New Orleans Saints are in the same division, playing each other twice every season. So, Saints’ head coach, Sean Payton had some jokes for twitter admitting that he liked this Florida version of Tom Brady. 

American professional golf star, Brooks Koepka pledged to donate $100,000 through his charity fund if Brady could make a par on the front nine – offering up some positive incentives. 

However, Cleveland Browns offensive line legend, Joe Thomas sarcastically offered his own incentive in response to Koepka’s while implying how dramatically bad Brady was playing. 

Meanwhile, Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson acknowledged his own golfing inadequacies, but found solace in watching Brady. 

Wilson tweeted at Brady suggesting that him and wife, Ciara should play against Brady and wife, Gisele in either the Bahamas or Mexico, but the wives could decide. 

Gisele quickly tweeted back admitting that she couldn’t play golf but “Mexico sounds like a good idea [because] they have great margaritas!”

Aside from Brady’s lackluster performance, fans were also highly entertained by the commentary from NBA legend Charles Barkley. 

Barkley chirped at Brady on air saying he’d “donate $50,000 if you hit the green.” 

Unfortunately, Brady completely shanked the shot and jokingly said, “Chuck, you saved yourself $50,000.” 

It’s also well-known that Barkley himself is a horrible golfer. So Houston Astros’ ace pitcher Justin Verlander tossed out the idea that “Chuck vs Tom would be a good undercard next time”. 

Although, in the most Brady fashion – he did start to improve as the day went on. 

In fact, Brady stunned viewers – and himself with an incredible shot on the 7th hole. 

And after this shot, Twitter revealed that not just the avid golfer was tuned in to The Match.

Super Bowl Champion and MVP, Patrick Mahomes, quickly reacted on Twitter. 

As did, two-time NFL Defensive MVP, JJ Watt calling the shot “incredible.” 

Former NFL punter and current sports personality, Pat McAfee called the shot his favorite thing to happen yet. 

Brady also fulfilled Koepka’s pledge and earned the promised $100,000. 

Unfortunately, Brady’s golf skills weren’t the biggest joke of the day. The NFL superstar ripped his pants. Yes, you read that right – he ripped his pants. And of course, twitter noticed within seconds.

Thankfully, Brady was a good sport and turned the joke around. 

While many felt relief watching the poor play of two NFL legends, some didn’t have the same opinion. FOXSports TV personality and NFL Hall of Famer, Shannon Sharpe tweeted he has to be good or great at a task in order to enjoy it and watching Tom and Peyton play golf reinforced his desire to not. 

All in all, The Match earned $10 million over its original goal and brought the joy of live sports back into millions of homes. 

And yet, New York Giants two-time Super Bowl Champion, Eli Manning – who made his Twitter debut this weekend – said it best, “can we do this again next weekend?”

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