Torrance Coombs’ Exclusive on Romance In the Air

Hallmark Channel’s new movie, Romance In The Air, starring Torrance Coombs and Cindy Busby. Torrance gives us an exclusive on the movie, what it’s like working with director Brain Brough, and behind the scene secrets while shooting the film. 

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Posted On: July 16th, 2020 1:54am pst

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After learning her marketing job is on the line, Edan Clark [Cindy Busby] takes a trip to Lake Tahoe where she has spent a lot of summers growing up. Hoping to get away from the city and clear her mind, she runs into her childhood friend Riley [Torrance Coombs] who is struggling with his hot air balloon business. 

To help take her mind off of her work situation back home, Edan agrees to help Riley market his company and grow his business. But in the process of growing his business she finds that her and Riley are growing closer together. After spending a few weeks in Lake Tahoe, Edan discovers that her life has taken her down an unexpected path where she finds the happiness she has been missing back at home. 

Torrance Coombs gave us an exclusive on his new film, Romane In The Air, premiering August 1st on the Hallmark Channel and gives us details on what happened behind the scenes in shooting the film. 

Credit: Hallmark Channel

As soon as Torrance connected with us over the phone  we wanted to know how he has been doing during quarantine. 

He laughs a little before answering. 

“Yeah that’s how we are rolling…one day at a time…but it hasn’t been too terrible for my personal experience….looking at the big picture…everything is alright!” 

Scrolling through Torrance’s Instagram we notice he has two adorable cats that love cuddling with him on the couch. 

“They are real life saviors in quarantine.” Torrance states, “actually they are both sleeping right next to me right now.”  

Yes! Pets do make everything better during quarantine but also watching Hallmark movies help us feel less stress during these uncertain times. Torrance’s new film, Romance In The Air, is definitely a good feel movie and we couldn’t wait to ask him about his experience while shooting the movie. 

Romance In The Air has some of the most gorgeous scenes and we were curious if the movie was filmed in Lake Tahoe. 

Credit: Hallmark Channel

“Yes in two places, the first week we were in Utah. We filmed in a studio, we filmed in Park City…then Lake Tahoe. 

Wow, that’s cool that the cast and crew got to shoot in two places that had breathtaking views. 

Torrance admitted that it was hard to choose one spot that was his favorite to shoot but his heart was set on a burger place he visited often while he was on location. 

“A Lot of places were my favorite… but in Lake Tahoe it reminded me of a ski resort I used to visit with my parents..we filmed this movie in October… and there was a burger place that I would visit. I would go over my lines and drink a beer while enjoying the sun.” 

That does sound like the perfect spot to visit and what a great way to run through your lines. 

There was a scene in the movie where Torrance’s character [Riley] and Cindy [Edan] were paddle boarding on the lake. Torrance confessed that was his first time ever paddle boarding. 

Credit: Hallmark Channel

“Actually I never paddle boarded so this was my first time. I don’t know about Cindy’s but there are some close up shots we faked paddle boarding…and we filmed those scenes by the lake.”  

We’re shocked that this was his first time paddle boarding. We asked if it was difficult trying to learn something new while shooting a movie. 

“If you’ve never done it before just hop on and try it. Sometimes if you believe you can do something then you can..sometimes you just get it. 

Great advice, thanks Torrance! 

Romance In The Air focuses around Riley’s hot air balloon company and there were many scenes where Torrance and his cast mates were in a hot air balloon floating across the lake. 

Credit: Hallmark Channel

Torrance looked comfortable in all of the scenes when he was in the hot air balloon and we assumed he had been in one before.

 “Yes…twice… but this was my first time navigating the air balloon.” The pilot  was hiding in the basket while we were up in the air…I was responsible for getting the air balloon off the ground..[laughs]. 

Torrance did a good job navigating the hot air balloon because they were able to shoot all of those scenes in one day. Plus, he gave us a behind the scene secret while they were filming a few of those scenes.

“Our shooting in the balloon was only a day in Utah..we did some in front of a green screen…the burner in the air balloon was loud…it feels like you’re next to a camp fire. We filmed the shots with dialogue in front of a green screen for purposes of the movie.”

The dialogue in this film is incredible and we can tell that Torrance had good chemistry with Cindy. 

Credit: Hallmark Channel

“We filmed Heartland together and we go way back as friends…we always had a great time and we were excited to do the movie. She’s chill, fun, sweet and real. She’s such a real person. There’s no walls to break down. None of us had to work hard for the chemistry to be there.” 

We could tell! One of our favorite scenes is when the two of you are sitting at the edge of the dock overlooking the water. The dialogue between the both of you was amazing. 

Torrance also got to work with Brain Brough who directed the film and has produced many Hallmark movies. 

“They got an amazing setup there.. And they just make these movies out of thin air. They have their own studio space and Brain also allows you to shoot the movie in 2 weeks ….enables you to move quickly ….Brian and Brittany are sweet.”

Torrance adds, 

“No scary days or going overtime…the only quark was Sundays is our only day off and Utah is closed down…you can’t even get a drink at a Mexican restaurant…different from Lake Tahoe from being able to get a beer at a burger place.” [laughs]  

Torrance also talks about one the last Hallmark movies he filmed and how that took place in Ireland. 

“The last Hallmark movie I did was called Royally Ever After and we shot that in Ireland at a castle which was a wedding venue. The day we wrapped someone was getting married and we had to be out by 6 am..”

Credit: Hallmark Channel

Since Torrance is familiar with Hallmark movies we are wondering if he has been watching any of the Christmas movies that are airing in July. 

He laughs before speaking. 

“Not right now but one of my favorite things to do around Christmas is watch Hallmark Christmas movies. They shoot a lot of those films in Vancouver and that’s where I’m from…a lot of my friends star in those movies so sometimes it’s like watching a play that your friends are in.” 

We agree, who doesn’t love a good Hallmark Christmas film?!  We asked if he had a favorite movie. 

“Putting me on the spot.” [laughs] “ I can’t remember the title of the movie but one of my favorites is this guy whose dad is playing Santa Clause and he breaks his leg…next they try to make his son play Santa Clause…that one made me laugh.” 

That’s why we love Hallmark, their movies always lift our spirits. Before we let Torrance go we wanted to know if he was working on any projects. 

Credit: Hallmark Channel

“This was the last movie before going into quarantine…but doing online conventions, talking to fans…some auditions are starting to happen…but I learned some important lessons..people are always grinding. We brag about the little sleep we get..and for what purpose? We need to slow down and appreciate what we have. Why is society structured that way for normalcy?   

Very true, these past few months we all have learned that it’s important to take time and be thankful for what we already have. It’s not about how busy we are but the quality of time we spend with the people we care about. 

We let Torrance know to keep us updated on any future projects that he is doing. 

“Hopefully a Hallmark Christmas movie.” [laughs] “I’ll connect with you soon about that.”

Absolutely Torrance! Any new roles that you have landed, we here at Afterbuzzz have got you covered. 

If you love Hallmark movies make sure to share this article and don’t forget to watch Romance In The Air premiering August 1st. Make sure you also stay up to date with Afterbuzz TV for the latest news in entertainment. 

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