TOP Vainglory Streamers and Creators – Week of December 9th

Written by: Sean Overman – December 9th, 2019 3:40pm PT

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Hey hey hey Vainglory lovers! This week, we’ve got something special for you. The big Vainglory content creators are battlin’ for the top spot in our countdown this week. Do you think your favorite VG pro or streamer is on the list? 


MaxMan30’s the hero we need right now, especially when it comes to Vainglory esports. MaxMan and HighlandWolf took the reins this weekend, showcasing the Maxman Premier League, also known as the MPL or the Meme Premier League. Kappa. Two vods worth of VG esports is available for your viewing pleasure. 


#3 – CHAMU

This VG streamer really is the killer whale of the top three. He’s the only to role as captain and tank up those nasty turret shots. He played a little bit of Churnwalker and assisted the hell out of the game, helping his hyper carry, Magnus, spread damage all over the map. Chamu’s vod surely entertains. He adds hilarious effects in post edits and even utilizes comedic timing on his assisted kills. Fantastic aces show how disgusting the Churnwalker + Magnus combo is. There’s too much splash damage, captain! The 28 – 8 score line was a complete steamroll. Chamu himself finished with only one death and sixteen assists! Poggers!

#2 – HellsDevil

HellsDevil’s got himself 6,700 views on his highest hitting vod this week. Hells scored a disgusting win with tons a kills via weapon power Vox. Up to the eighteen minute mark, he had one kill per minute! Then, he got blown up and broke his nightmare kill streak. He could of finished the game at 19 minutes, but the game dragged on due to misplays from his Tier Four teammates. In the end, Hell’s Vox got 25 freakin’ kills. 


#1 – XenoTek

Now here were are. You’ve been itching for this moment. The number one Vainglory streamer this week is your favorite ghoul king… XenoTek! Holy cracked crystal, Takaman! A sub five minute turret take? He uses a smurf account? Four kills by 6:50?! He plays on PC thus the game graphics are gorgeous at 1080p 60 FPS? It’s the perfect storm in the ghoul’s graveyard! Xeno’s comments and the overall entertainment value of his stream are off the chain. Just picture it: Bot lane Taka, crazy burst damage and sustain, a twenty two and a half minute game. There was only one death for Xeno, with 10 kills. He had solid objective control and strategy. They only lost 2 turrets too. And that’s why XENOTEK is number one on this week’s Esports Trending!

Who do you think should be the top Vainglory content creators? Did we hit the mark? Please let us know!

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