Top Hollywood Casting Directors Share Their Horror Stories

Written by: Roxy Striar – December 12th, 2019 6:13am PT

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When you picture a casting session, you probably don’t imagine a casting director getting thrown against a wall by an actor, but that is exactly what happened to casting director Victoria Burrows. 

Burrows and Scot Boland, who cast The Lord of the Rings Franchise and Cast Away, guested on AfterBuzz TV’s Acting Class Weekly with Sean Whalen to give audition tips. Burrows and Boland have auditioned thousands of actors over 30+ years, so inevitably, they’ve had some horror stories.

For Burrows, her biggest “don’t” in the room is touching, and boy does she have good reason. 

When Whalen asked what actors should not do, Burrows quickly said, “Don’t touch us.” 

We knew there must be more to the story. 

Burrows elaborated, “I was reading with an actor and he came over and put his hands on my legs and went up my skirt, and I had to, like, stop the scene.”

Acting 101, don’t caress the casting director. 

Just when we thought it couldn’t get worse, Burrows recounted a different situation.

“I had another actor pull me up out of the chair and throw me against the wall, because they were in that, you know, he was a bomb guy,” said Burrows.

She also added that many actors ask if they can kiss her. Ya know, as part of the scene.**Insert facepalm here.**

Boland had a horror story of his own.

“A well-known actor, he came in the room, and he came up and really thumped me on the chest and that really pissed me off,” said Boland.

We wonder who it was! They did cast The Hobbit afterall. Sir Ian McKellen, is that you!? 

But apparently sometimes touching pays off.

When Boland was auditioning actors to play Charles Manson he explained, “The guy that got the role, he, you know, was standing and talking in the scene and then I was reading opposite him and then he crouched down and then he crawled across the room right up to me and he kissed my feet– the tops of my shoes– it completely freaked me out. He got it because, he was like, so creepy.”

Alright, so Boland might not invite the dude over for dinner, but hey, at least he got the part.

Both Burrows and Boland agreed that it’s always best to just ask before you touch. Hey, we guess that’s good life advice in general. 2019, ya feel us?

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