Top 6 Reasons Why Kiara And JJ Should Be A Couple

If you’re like us you have binged the second season of Outer Banks multiple times and each time makes us want Kiara and JJ to be a couple even more. Here are 6 reasons why these two need to get together!

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Posted On: September 5th, 2021 1:01 pm pst

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Why JJ and Kiara should be together


With Outer Banks season two just being released, fans are raving about the potential romance between Kiara and JJ. While they are not official, let’s look at all the reasons they should be in the Outer Banks season three.

Reason 1: 

Let’s take it back all the way to season one. The audience is introduced to the characters and is told who is a “Pogue” or a “Kook.” Kiara grew up on the kook side with a lot of money but chose to hang out and identify as a pogue, while JJ has always been a pogue his whole life. John B has a private discussion with JJ about if he was flirting with Kiera, and JJ replies, “dude, of course, I’m hitting on her. She’s a super hot, rich hippie chick… I know that door is locked ‘cause I’ve tried it.” This conversation showed that JJ was obviously attracted to Kiera, and at one point, he tried to advance the friendship into something more.

Reason 2:

In season one, when Kiera and Sarah Cameron were feuding, thus putting the group in an awkward situation of whose side to be on, JJ was all team Kie. JJ referred to picking Kiera as a “no brainer” and said they “can’t do this without Kie.” 

Reason 3:

When JJ spends the little gold they were able to collect on an expensive hot tub instead of his restitution Kiera is the first one who acknowledges he is hurting. JJ stands up and has visible deep bruises from an encounter with his dad, and Kiera immediately starts tearing up. Kiera hops into the hot tub with JJ right away and hugs him while he cries, and explains why he is hurting so much.

Reason 4:

Now into season two, one of the fan-favorite scenes that shows a #jiara moment is when Kiera stands up to JJ’s abusive father regarding how he treats his son. When JJ exits the car, Kiera says to his dad, “do you have any idea how special your son is?’ She also is there to comfort him when he says goodbye to his father for what seems to be the last time ever.

Reason 5:

While hiding out in the storage units on Ward Cameron’s boat, the two discuss what they would do if they successfully captured the gold. JJ explains how if he had all of this money, he would go on his dream “surf trip,” and Kiera replies, “room for one more?” It looks like a little “baecation” might be in the future for the two characters. 

Reason 6: 

The final reason is when Kiera saves JJ after he is hit in the head and falls overboard. Kiera holds him up in the water for a long time until John B can bring the lifeboat to them. When JJ finally wakes up, Kiera is the first one he looks at and gives him a hug filled with relief.

These two may not be a couple yet, but it looks like the odds are in our favor. You can now watch season one and season two of the Outer Banks on Netflix. Watch and tell us what your favorite Jiara moment was!

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