Josh Martinez Secrets and Jennifer Lee Drama in Top 5 Fresh Reaction Tweets from Cast of MTV The Challenge: Total Madness

Written by: Benny Adams – April 10th, 2020 12:43am pst

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Many of you still can’t stop talking about the latest episode of THE CHALLENGE:TOTAL MADNESS, including the cast members themselves 

They took to Twitter, and did not hold back their opinions on anything or anyone, so here is a look at  the top 5 reaction tweets from your favorite Challengers.

Coming in at number five, Jordan wasn’t too happy after he lost the latest Challenge, and some say he showed poor sportsmanship.

“You can say ‘sore loser’ all you want. Fact is, the game wasn’t fair. I don’t mind losing IF I get beat fair and square. I was upset at production and rightfully so. We put everything on the line to get this money and not 1 of dem lil boys talkin on screen will say different now.” Jordan tweeted.

Number four is a tweet from Josh Martinez, who revealed some juicy news about a plan to save Jen, but the secret mission ultimately failed.

Rogan O’ Connor’s tweet comes in at number three. The Challenge winner had a short lived romance with Dee Nguyen on War Of The Worlds 2. Towards the end of the season things took a turn for the worse, but it seems like the two may soon be on good terms again.

“As much as she hates me, I just want to point out that Dee didn’t get the choice to choose herself to go down until she was already at Purgatory. In Jeans, and a jacket, after promising Jenny she’d choose her… and had about a split second to decide.” O’ Connor said 

Number two goes to ousted Rookie Jennifer Lee, who lost the last elimination to Jenny West. It seems Nguyen wasn’t the only one Lee didn’t get along with in the bunker after her tweet.

“I’ve watched a lot of previous seasons & was looking forward to working & learning from many of the females. There are some badass women on this show. I believed it then and believe it now. Unfortunately the guys were the only ones to give me the time of day.” Said Lee.

Our number one tweet is from Melissa Reeves who decided to clap back and call Jen out for what she tweeted.

“I’m sorry Jen, but you’re actually lying. I won’t speak for the other girls but I know for a fact I tried friending you on multiple occasions. It was you who was not interested in being around the girls, not the other way around.” Said Reeves.

With tweets as juicy as these, we can’t wait for more episodes of The Challenge. Make sure to tune in to watch your favorite players compete  every Wednesday at 8 p.m Pacific on MTV. 

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