Top 5 Moments From RHOBH Episode 13

Dorit Kemsley and Kyle Richards makeup, Denise Richards and Lisa Rinna have a pow wow, and Garcelle gets tipsy! Here’s what you missed on this week’s  RHOBH.

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Posted On: August 6th, 2020 12:40 pm pst

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On this week’s episode of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, the ladies are still in Rome and Denise is dealing with the horrendous rumors about her extramarital affair. But before we get to that, let’s see what’s transpired throughout the week with the housewives. 

The season 10 finale date has officially dropped! August 26 will be the last episode before the reunion. Kyle is responding to Garcelle after the new housewife said she was disappointed she wasn’t invited to the get-together after the reunion filming on Watch What Happens Live! 

The same day Erika posted this on her twitter in what looks like a response to the famous “bravo, bravo, bravo”. 

Kyle along with some of the other ladies took a break from the show and are reacting to the Beirut explosion by helping a fundraiser to help the victims. 

Brandi took to Twitter August 4th to air out some grievances against Denise Richards. 

Ahead of the episode tonight, Teddi and Garcelle posted to respective Twitter and Instagram accounts to get the fans excited. 

Now back to the episode tonight. Here are the top 5 moments from tonight’s episode (in chronological order): 

Events Right After Dinner 

30 minutes after dinner, Kyle, Lisa, Sutton, Erika and Teddi are seen in Kyle’s room talking about the dinner while Dorit and Garcelle are comforting Denise about what just happened at dinner.

Denise and Lisa Meet the Next Day 

The next morning, Lisa calls Denise and knows she needs to talk to her. Lisa then has a conversation about the rumors in her room. Denise said she felt blindsided and feels betrayed that Lisa didn’t forewarn her. Lisa says she didn’t know until she was on the way and says she didn’t feel responsible for telling Denise and that Teddi should have been the one to tell Denise. Denise accuses Lisa of egging her on at the dinner. She believes the rumor should not have been spread because it “allows the lie to be out there”. Lisa also claims the rumor is out there and tells Denise. Denise talks about her relationship with Brandi and how she doesn’t really know her. Denise believes Brandi was saying it for shock value and Teddi ran with it because she felt hurt by the alleged comments. Denise feels Brandi is playing both sides but Lisa is calling her out in her confessional saying at dinner she never talked to Brandi beforehand. Denise then leaves it at “I want to move on”. 

Dorit and Kyle have their pow wow

The morning after dinner, Kyle and Dorit agree to meet for lunch before shopping. Kyle starts by saying she knows Dorit is pissed at her and how she acted the night before. Dorit says she’s annoyed that Kyle keeps cutting her off and is taking advantage of the friendship. In her confessional, Dorit finally admits she’s a little jealous of Kyle and Teddi’s friendship and believes she’s being treated differently than the other ladies. Kyle then apologizes to Dorit for treating her badly at the dinner and says she loves her and really does care about her. In Kyle’s confessional, she says Dorit is overreacting but she’s gonna try harder to not cut her off mid sentence. They move on to the Denise debacle. Kyle doesn’t believe Brandi is lying because Brandi knows she can be sued. She adds that Brandi was recently involved in a lawsuit and that she’s not stupid to get invovled in another one. 

The Group Splits Up to go Ferrari Driving + Wine Tasting and Shopping 

Kyle, Dorit and Sutton all go shopping at Dolce and Gabbana after Sutton was able to set up a private shopping experience.

That’s where we see that infamous tiara photo.

Kyle total spent at the store is the only one revealed to the viewers, coming in at $2500. 

On the flip side, Garcelle, Denise, Lisa and Erika go driving in Ferrari’s followed by a wine tasting.

While at the tasting, Garcelle brings up last night among other things. Denise defends her previous actions by saying in her family they move on but in this group they want the chaos around them. Denise then brings up Erika’s tiff with Aaron and his behavior. Erika explains that she believes the husbands should not be involved in the women’s conversations. Denise apologizes on Aaron’s behalf and wants to move past it. Erika agrees and explains she doesn’t treat Denise based on Aaron’s behavior. The scene ends with Garcelle admitting she’s a little tipsy.

Dinner Catwalk and Conversation

The ladies are then shown getting ready for dinner in their respective outfits with their respective glam squads. Kyle is already working herself up into a frenzy about the upcoming dinner. All the ladies meet downstairs in their attire. Erika comes in with MAJOR Marylin Monroe vibes.

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Dorit is being shown finishing up the last touches while the others wait for her. As Dorit arrives also serving some Marylin hair looks

Kyle makes some comments about Dorit being late because of her photo shoots and glam squads during her confessional. During Denise’s confessional, she admits she didn’t want to be there but the airlines wouldn’t change her flight. 

We arrive at dinner. 

Lisa is inspired by the lunch today with Erika and Denise and wants the whole group to have those same great results. At the beginning of dinner, weight comes up and Sutton says she’s gained a few pounds and her clothes don’t fit her. Then cuts to a scene of her having an attack in the dressing room earlier that day from what appears to be her clothes not fitting her. The conversation then shifts to Lisa’s risque dancing on Instagram. Garcelle shades Lisa by saying she wouldn’t do that if she knew her daughter had body issues.

Moving on…

The Erika Denise lunch conversation comes up again. And they hash out how they’re moving on from Aaron drama. Teddi calls out Denise and Aaron during her confessional when Denise said Aaron didn’t mean to hurt anyone with his comments. She then says Aaron will apologize to the ladies the next time they’re all together again. But in her confessional Denise says Aaron probably wouldn’t apologize after what transpired the night before. We transition into Kyle saying she felt bad about what happened that night, thinking Denise might be nervous being around the group. Denise says she’s not nervous but never felt welcomed in the group to begin with. 

Denise finally tells all the ladies Brandi is lying and doesn’t know her very well. Denise then discusses how she met Brandi. Teddi also calls out Denise in her confessional because Denise said she never talked to Brandi before the party but at the current dinner she says Brandi told her x-y-z.

Denise also says Brandi told her she also had sex with someone else in the group. Kyle and Lisa are very confused and think she’s deflecting. The episode ends with the suspenseful full screen “To be continued.” 

And that’s what you missed this week! 


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