Top 5 Moments From ‘Big Brother All-Stars’ Episode 6

Janelle goes after Nicole F, Tyler wants to make a big move, and Ian goes into full thespian mode. Here are the top 5 moments from ‘Big Brother All-Stars’. 

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Posted On: August 20th, 2020 2:54 pm pst

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It’s getting intense inside the Big Brother All-Star House with two new people fighting to stay in the game. 

Alliances are starting to shift, and blindsides are being discussed. Here are the Top 5 moments from episode 6 of Big Brother All-Stars.

  1. Janelle and Kaysar Want Nicole F Out 

After Memphis put David and Nicole A up for nomination, Janelle had an idea of her own… get Nicole F out. 

 Her one downfall? She revealed her plan to Memphis who has a secret alliance with Nicole F.

We have to give it to Janelle though, she’s playing this game smart. She knows that Nicole F is a Big Brother winner, which makes her a huge threat in the game. 

We also give props to Janelle for figuring out that Nicole F is working with Cody, Tyler, and Dani. 

  1. Ian Goes Into Full Acting Mode

Due to being a plus-one in the Safety Suite, Ian had to face his punishment.

He had to perform four scenes from a film in order to get the role of Dirk Space-Jammer. Did we also mention that he had to be in full costume?

It was fun seeing Ian like this, and stepping out of his comfort zone. He was a pure trooper for acting out the scenes throughout the entire night.

  1. A Balancing Act 

Even though Tyler and Memphis are in the same alliance, Tyler  does not trust Memphis one bit, and wants to save David by winning the Veto Competition.

This competition did not disappoint. The players had to stand on the center of a star and balance a sphere on a disc.

Unfortunately for David, and Tyler they did not win, and the Power of Veto went to Memphis. 

How amazing would it be if Tyler won The Power Of Veto? He definitely would have made some moves and changed the game up. 

  1. Decisions,Decisions

Memphis’ alliance is starting to get worried due to the fact he does not want to backdoor Janelle or Kaysar since they know  that Cody, Tyler, Dani, and Nicole F are working together. 

Memphis is in a tough pickle because if he doesn’t backdoor Janelle then his alliance might turn on him. If he does what his alliance wants him to do, he potentially puts a target on his back by making a big move early in the game.

Memphis is definitely the guy with all the power now, but it’s how he uses that power that will decide his fate in the house. 

  1. “Memphis Is The One Making The Rookie Moves This Year”

Hey, we didn’t say it, Dani did.  Memphis is proving he is not the one to be told what to do, because he stuck by his decision by not saving David or Nicole A. 

Both players deserve to be in the house, and you can tell they’re not going down without a fight, but who has more fight in them, David or Nicole A. We’ll have to wait and see until the next episode. 

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