Top 5 Moments From Big Brother All-Stars Episode 4

The First Big Brother houseguest was evicted, and now they’re  calling out some of the players. We take a look at the top 5 moments from the latest episode of Big Brother All-Stars.

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Posted On: August 14th, 2020 11:29 am pst

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There is one less person competing to win the grand prize on Big Brother All-Stars  after the first houseguest was evicted.

We’re not even to the halfway point of this show and things are already heating up. Here are our top 5 moments from episode 4 of Big Brother: All Stars.

5. An OG Is The First To Leave 

The houseguests have spoken, in a 13-0 vote the first person to leave Big Brother All-Stars was none other than Keesha. 

We gotta give it to the girl though, she tried her hardest, but the numbers just weren’t in her favor.

We love how she kept her exit classy, she even gave praise to some Big Brother Houseguests  by tweeting some thoughtful words. 

 No matter what, I know that I will always have 3 votes for me

Thank you all for your support, I am truly humbled by the amount of it…A big shout out to Janelle  and Da’Vonne_…I am looking for you to the end.”  Said Keesha. 

Keesha wasn’t done though, with a middle finger emoji she called out some of the guys on the Big Brother house. 

“to the “men”, Enzo & Memphis, who give a bad name to “sheep” and Cody who could never tell the truth to my face…I came into the game thinking that I was playing against men, but none of your balls have even dropped yet! Your partners deserve better!” Keesha states. 

4.Memphis Is The New Head Of Household

A big congrats to Memphis for being crowned the new Head Of Household.

He beat out the other house guests during the Head Of Household competition where they had to watch and memorize video clips, and then answer true or false questions. 

This is also Memphis’  first time as Head Of Household in his Big Brother career. We have a feeling he’s going to stir things up. 

3.“The Commission” Comes To Light 

Speaking of Memphis, he made a final two deal with Cody  calling their alliance “The Commission”.  But wait, doesn’t Cody already have a final two alliance with Enzo called “The Roots”?

On top of that, Memphis comes up with an idea to add a couple of other people to his and Cody’s alliance, in order for the two to be protected. 

He chose Dani, Christmas, Tyler, and Nicole. Only time will tell if these 4 figure out his game plan. 

2.Team “Black Girl Magic” Making Moves

Bayleigh and Da’Vonne are proving yet again they are here to play. 

Da’Vonne realized they needed more people in their alliance to secure their spot in the game, so they enlisted Cody and Enzo. 

Cody is now a part of  “The Roots” , “The Commission”, an Expanded alliance of “The Commission’ ‘ and Bayleigh’s and Da’Vonne’s new larger alliance which has not yet been named. 

Only time will tell if all these alliances will help or hurt Cody. 

1.Bayleigh and Tyler Makeup 

After their season 20 blowup, Bayleigh and Tyler decide to make amends. 

The two decide to work together, because, hey why not? Everyone thinks they still can’t stand each other. 

We loved the heart to heart they had, and are glad they were able to put their differences aside in order to win that grand prize. 

Which alliance do you think will make it to the end, and who will Memphis put up for eviction?

We’ll have to wait and see on Sunday’s episode of Big Brother: All Stars. 

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