Top 5 Funniest Celeb Instagram Moments from Quarantine Week 2

Written by: Kelsey Meyer – March 29th 2020, 11:44am pst

So yes, it feels like day 4,657 in quarantine and it’s hard not to feel like you’re losing your mind a little, but on the bright side everyone feels like they are losing their mind a little. At least we are all in this together, right? Also, at least we have the celebrities…

JOKE. That was a joke.

Well it was half a joke, because they are keeping us entertained, and no, they aren’t the real people we should be thanking right now, but I do still have to give kudos to the ones using their platforms for good. Those who are keeping us informed and making us smile. Actually, this transitions well into my first “internet hero” who made me laugh this week. Week?? Dang I think it’s only Tuesday, but like I said, these days feel like weeks. So how about the top five 5 recent celebrity quarantine moments that have made me chuckle.

1. Ryan Reynolds

credit: Ryan Reynolds Instagram

My first chuckle goes out to Ryan Reynolds who posted a video the other day saying that “in times of crisis it’s the celebrities that we count on most, and they’re the ones that are going to get us through this.” Then of course he goes on to say “well right after…” and lists a plethora of people he is deeming way more important than celebrities, from first responders to mannequins. It is a funny poke and a subtle reminder that we need to do our part for the people who are actually the heroes in all of this. It’s totally fine to be thankful for those celebrities, or others, who are bringing a smile to your face (I mean, that is what this entire article is about), but it’s also important to be supportive of and do what you can for those who are actual heroes during this wild time. Ryan, as usual, just delivers it so well, it’s impossible not to smile and laugh.

2. Chrissy Teigen

credit: Chrissy Teigen Instagram

Second chuckle goes to the iconic Chrissy Teigen, who let’s be real, quarantine or not she always keeps us laughing. She did have an exceptionally funny moment the other day though that had me laughing out loud. She tweeted saying that she would trade homemade banana bread for anyone that had romaine lettuce, and of course, she found someone to swap with. It wasn’t that easy though… check out her tweets below to see for yourself. Does that not make you LOL, or what?!

credit: Chris Klemens Instagram

credit: Chrissy Teigen Instagram

3. Anna Farris

credit: Anna Farris Instagram

Okay, number three goes to our House Bunny (no pun intended), Anna Farris. Anna perfectly portrayed in one picture, how I’m sure every parent is coping at home with their children and families right now:

She posted this with the caption “Victory was not mine. But I will seek revenge.”

I honestly have never felt more lucky to be single or childless during these trying times. For entertainment purposes, yes, I am perhaps a little envious, but then I remember we are only what? a week or so into quarantine, and there are many many more weeks to go. I feel for you Anna. Thank you for letting us reap the benefits of your current challenges. Definitely gave me a good chuckle.

4. Late Night Hosts

credit: Jimmy Fallon Instagram

Alright, we are almost to five, (my personal favorite of the moment), BUT we absolutely, and I mean it when I say it, we absolutely cannot forget about our Late Night hosts. I love them all more than I can put into words. I loved them before this madness, and they are some of the only people helping me get through it. If any of you want to hire me after this quarantine, I really am funny… (sorry, sorry not important right now).

I want to give my chuckle Number 4 to all of the hosts who are making this “at home thing” work. Specifically though, I have to call out Jimmy Fallon for his “Fallon At Home” videos and David Spade for his “Live From the Bunker” videos. From Fallon’s young daughters being his helpers, crawling all over him, and telling him his jokes aren’t funny, to Spade’s continued incredible dry and sardonic humor – these boys have kept me from crying because I was laughing so hard. Go on their Instagrams and watch any video from the past week and I promise you, you will be in better spirits. Thank you gentlemen for keeping me sane.

5. John Mayer

credit: John Mayer Instagram

Last, but most certainly not least we have our resident lady charmer, John Mayer.
On March 22nd John posted probably one of the best videos I’ve seen during this quarantine, or ever, telling us why he wasn’t pictured in Gal Gadot’s ‘Imagine’ video. If you haven’t seen this video, well, then that’s your first stop, because this won’t make sense or be funny to you unless you’ve seen it, but I will do my best to sum it up.

Long story short, Gal enlisted her celebrity friends to help give us an uplifting little video during this scary pandemic. She had 20 or so celebrities singing to John Lennon’s song “Imagine.”

Now cue John Mayer—John wasn’t in the video—so he went on his Instagram to let us know why.  He told everyone that he was asked, but “misunderstood the assignment,” and thought they wanted him to sing Imagine by Ariana Grande. He then shows us the cut with him in it, and oh my lord, I have watched his version about 17 times and still laugh just as hard every time… you have to watch for yourself. It’s amazing. He signs off by saying that he is “not sorry.”

Thank you John. Thank you, I needed that.

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A Simple Misunderstanning.

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Well, everyone, that sums up my social media ‘quarantine edition’ haul from the past few days. I hope you got as much of a kick out of it as I did. I hope it made you smile, or chuckle. Remember that we are all in this together and we are all going to get through it together. Be smart, stay safe, and don’t do anything I wouldn’t do (which right now is everything).

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