Top 5 Cast Mates Fans Want Back On Season 36 Of The Challenge

You voted for who you want to see on Season 36 of  MTV’s The Challenge, now the results are in. See if your favorites made the list of top 5 men and women cast mates fans want back next season.

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Posted On: July 15th, 2020 4:44 pm pst

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Throughout the years, MTV’s The Challenge has introduced us to a number of cast members that have instantly become fan favorites. 

Now that season 36 is officially a go, many fans are wondering who will be returning in hopes to be crowned a true Challenge Champ. 

We asked you, the fans, who you want to see make a return next season, so we rounded out the top five men and women who received the most votes.

Top 5 Challenge Men:

#5 Nelson Thomas and Cory Wharton

It was a tie between best friends Cory Wharton and Nelson Thomas for the number 5 spot. Both competitors have shaken up The Challenge scene since their debut.

Nelson first appeared on Rivals III with Partner Amanda Garcia. Since then he’s appeared in five more seasons, but unfortunately has not been able to win the final prize. 

Nelson gained a lot of attention this season after Throwing himself into elimination on Total Madness to save his best friend Cory Wharton from going in.  

Here’s hoping Nelson can claim that W if he does in fact make a return on season 36. 

Speaking of Cory he has definitely come a long way since his debut on Battle Of The Bloodlines. No more is he the guy hooking up with a different girl each season.

Now Cory has his eye on the prize, because not only does he want the win for himself, but his family back home. 

Like Nelson, Cory has not won a season of The Challenge, but maybe that will all come to an end on the season finale of Total Madness?

 If Cory does come back for season 36 we know he won’t disappoint, and will bring his A game.

#4 Jordan Wiseley

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Jordan Wiseley AKA The G.O.A.T comes in our number 4 spot. Season after season we’ve seen Jordan do the unthinkable when it comes to challenges and Eliminations.

The guy is so good, he’s won three back to back seasons of The Challenge, and it doesn’t look like he is slowing down anytime soon. 

The Real World Portland alum made his Challenge debut on Rivals II, and since then has become a fan favorite.

He wasn’t able to secure the win this season on Total Madness, but if he is back for season 36 we know he’ll be back better than ever.

#3 Fessy Shafaat

Big props to Fessy for making the number 3 spot as a rookie.

The Big Brother alum is definitely not one to mess with. He has proven himself to be a force to be reckoned with. 

The Total Madness season isn’t even over yet, and Fessy already has a pretty good resume including beating Jordan in an elimination. 

Fessy is on the path to easily becoming a fan favorite, so it shouldn’t be any surprise if he turns up on season 36.

#2  Johnny Bananas 

It was a close one between Johnny Bananas and our number 1 spot. Both were only separated by only one point.

Bananas has earned the right of being the face of The Challenge, making his debut back in 2006 on The Duel.

Since then Bananas has competed in 19 more Challenge seasons  and holds the record for most Challenge seasons by a male contestant with 20, winning a number of those seasons.

Johnny hasn’t just found success on The Challenge, he’s also the host of 1st Look, and was runner up on Worst Cooks In America: Celebrity Edition

It doesn’t look like Johnny will be slowing down anytime soon, but only time will tell if we see him next season.

#1 C.T.

The fans have spoken, and our number one spot goes to none other than C.T. 

The Challenge Vet has grown a lot since his debut on The Inferno. He was introduced as the bad boy of the show and now is a competitor many new players look up to. 

C.T. is also tied with Johnny Bananas for the most appearances in a final Challenge with eight.

The Challenge Champ was sent home pretty early this season, so it would be no surprise if he makes a comeback for 36.

Top 5 Challenge Women 

#5 Big T

Big T definitely made a splash her sophomore season leaving fans wanting more. This is why she was voted into the number 5 spot. 

After being the first girl eliminated on War Of The Worlds 2, Big T came back this season with her eyes on the prize, and boy did she deliver. 

Unfortunately an injury sent her home, but now fans are wanting more, and hoping she’s back for season 36. 

#4 Jenna Compono

Jenna Compono has easily become a fan favorite and underdog of The Challenge since her debut on Battle of The Exes II. This is why fans voted her in at number 4. 

“The Barbie Beast” has made it to three finals, and is always ready to prove her haters wrong when it comes to competing. 

Unfortunately Jenna has not won a season, and she hinted that she might be taking a break for 36, but only time will tell if she will actually grace our TV screens again next season.

#3 Kam

Killa Kam was missed this season on Total Madness, this is why fans want her back on Season 36.

Kam was last seen on War Of The Worlds 2, making it all the way to the final, but unfortunately was not able to take home that W. 

She had a very impressive rookie season on Vendettas winning three eliminations and making it to the final.

If Kam does come back we’re sure she’ll be ready to take out anyone that gets in her way.

#2 Cara Maria 

Cara Maria comes in at number 2. Like Bananas and C.T only point separated Cara from our number 1 spot. 

Like her friend Kam, Cara decided to take a break and skip out on this season of The Challenge. 

We were first introduced to Cara Maria on Fresh Meat 2, and she has since proven to be one of the toughest females on The Challenge

The Champ also has a couple of records under her belt including most Challenge seasons by a female contestant with 14. 

Here’s hoping Cara Maria is back for 36! 

#1 Tori Deal

Congratulations are in order for Tori Deal, because she takes the number one spot. 

Fans are eager to see her make a return to season 36 after she was sent home early on Total Madness.

She made her debut on XXX: Dirty 30 and has not slowed down since. 

Tori has also had some memorable moments including getting engaged on War Of The Worlds II.

Deal would make an amazing addition to the cast of 36, and deserves that number one spot.

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