Top 5 Black TikTok Comedians To Watch Out For

If you ever need a good laugh, you can always count on TikTok to save the day. We decided to come up with a list of the top 5 black comedian TikTokers to watch out for. James Henry, Daphnique Springs, and Lala Milan were a few that caught our eye. Check out the list to see if your favorites made the cut.

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Posted On: August 18th, 2020 2:58 pm pst

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Everyone needs a good laugh now and then, and one can argue TikTok is the perfect place to have that L-O-L moment. 

Since the debut of the social networking giant, a number of comedians have come out in full force making us laugh until our sides hurt. 

If you’re in for some good humor, here is a list of the Top 5 black TikTok comedians that you should follow.

5. Xaver Martin (TikTok: @xaviermartinnn_)

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We’ve all had that one special teacher or authority figure growing up that we will remember for a lifetime.

Xaver Martin portrays those characters, and does it so well.  From school nurses to guidance counselors, this guy can do it all. 

Martin currently has over 2 million followers, and has no signs of slowing down when it comes to bringing on the funny. 

4. James Henry (TikTok: @jameshenry)

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James Henry is the definition of funny. With over 3 million followers this guy knows what he’s doing. 

Not only does James bring on the laughs, but he has some amazing dancing videos as well. 

James is also a YouTuber and an actor. 

3. Daphnique Springs  (TikTok:@iamdsprings)

If you’re not following Daphnique Springs, then you are truly missing out. The comedians TikTok is hilarious to say the least. 

A lot of her content revolves around awkward relationship or dating moments , and we are living for it. 

Springs, who has over 1 million views on TikTok,  is also a hit on YouTube and an amazing actor, with multiple credits under her belt.  

2. Kwaylon “BlameItOnKway” Rogers (TikTok:@blameitonkway)

This guy right here has been a part of the social media game for a hot minute, and never skips a beat when it comes to making people laugh. 

He’s known for bringing his one of a kind, sassy character TiTi to life. 

Rogers currently has over 4 million followers on TikTok 

1.Lala Milan (TikTok:@lalamilan)

Just like her friend Kway, Lala has been posting funny videos before there was even a TikTok. 

From situations that can happen in your everyday life, to family functions, Lala covers it all, but with a funny twist. 

The rising star has over 1 million followers. 

Who are some of your favorite black comedian TikTokers? Make sure to let us know! 

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