Top 5 Best Leiomy Maldonado Moments From The HBOMax Show Legendary

The Ballroom Icon and Vogue Legend Leiomy Maldonado is a judge on the competition show Legendary who has all the sass and class.

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Posted On: July 24th, 2020 8:31 pm pst

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Leiomy Maldonaldo is a Ballroom Icon, the choreographer of Pose, has appeared on Broadway, and is a judge for the new ballroom competition HBOMax original show Legendary. This Queen of Vogue, actress, and model also just recently appeared in Patrick Starr’s new make-up beauty campaign One Size Beauty.  These titles and success couldn’t portray all of this inspiration’s greatness. 

If you’re not a fan now, you’re about to be. These are Leiomy Maldonado’s best moments from Legendary

Photo Credit: Leiomy Maldonado’s Instagram


This is the first time we see Leiomy Maldonado vogue in the show, which just proves how she earned the title as the Queen of Vogue. The hair flips, spins, and dips were flawless and had the in-person and at-home audience screaming!! She came out looking flawless, gave the audience a quick glimpse into what made her the royalty she is, and left the crowd wanting so much more!!

Photo Credit: Leiomy Maldonado’s Instagram

When Meagan Thee Stallion and Leiomy Maldonado Became BEST FRIENDS

Throughout the show, we were honored with seeing the friendship between the two legendary judges grow and blossom on and off the screen. There are multiple moments throughout the competition that we hear Maldonado cheer on Megan Thee Stallion like during the rapper, singer, and songwriter’s performance of her hit “Savage”. The friendship between these two strong women of color is truly obsession-worthy. All Legendary fans will longingly be waiting to see these BESSS FRENNNSSS reunite on the ballroom floor. 

Photo Credit: Legendarymax Instagram

When Leiomy Maldondo LITERALLY Became The Wonder Woman of Vogue

Now, we all know that Leiomy Maldonado is a real life Wonder Woman and game changer of vogue and were blessed when she channeled and became the superhero we all need at the Capes & Tights Ball. Leiomy Maldonado took to the stage in an iconic multi-colored leotard in fishnets with the classic Wonder Woman armbands. The outfit was on POINT and was her living up to her name. 

Photo Credit: HBO Max

That Finale Dance

The Legendary finale looked very different from past episodes. The last episode was in production as COVID-19 hit New York City, so the episode had no audience, but had more time for performances from the judges and competitors. Leiomy Maldonado and MC Dashaun Wesley performed a vogue duet that left everyone gagging! There are not enough words to describe how amazing this tango inspired routine was. Leiomy Maldonado and Dashaun Wesley gave us all five elements of Vogue, passion, athleticism, and schooled the audience on what true Voguing performed by legends is!! In the words of fellow Legendary judge Law Roach, “They did what needed to be done”. 

Photo Credit: Leiomy Maldonado’s Instagram

Her Fashion & Finger Snaps

Leiomy Maldonado pulled through with EVERY outfit at EVERY ball and met and exceeded all of our expectations. From the seashell hair in a turquoise mermaid inspired dress to a purple sequined full suit to a gold egyptian goddess Maldonado never failed to disappoint. Every ball we not only were living for the competing ballroom houses, but the fashion from the ICON. Leiomy Maldonado’s fingersnaps are a part of her legend and something the audience will miss seeing every week. 


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